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A Level Edexcel

This course allows students to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the political structure of the UK, the factors influencing participation in the political process, and a solid appreciation of a range of ideological perspectives in politics. Students will study the following three components:


Political participation (democracy, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and media) and core political ideas (conservatism, liberalism and socialism).


UK Government (constitution, parliament, Prime Minister, executive, relationships between branches) and optional political ideas (one from anarchism, ecologism, feminism, multiculturalism or nationalism).


Theories of global politics, sovereignty and globalisation, global governance (political and economic), global governance (human rights and environmental, power and developments, regionalism) and the European Union.


Paper 1 - 33%

  • Written Paper
  • UK Politics

Paper 2 - 33%

  • Written Paper
  • UK Government

Paper 3 - 33%

  • Written Paper
  • Comparative Politics

Skills Developed and Career Prospects

Politics is an integral element of people’s lives, whether or not they are aware of it, and students will come to appreciate both the essential processes of government and the competing voices in the struggle for power.

Students are expected to have a general interest in political issues, and general current affairs, and to be curious about the political arena. It is not a requirement to have followed any particular GCSE course, though any of the Humanities subjects will provide a good grounding.

Politics combines well with any A Level course offered in the Sixth Form. It could lead to many possible careers, including Management, Social Work, Local, Central and International Government, Teaching, Lecturing, Journalism, Law, and other similar professional routes.

High Storrs Sixth Form Entry Requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 9 - 4. This MUST include at least a Grade 4 in English Language and Mathematics


Grade 5 in English Language OR English Literature