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A Level AQA

A Level Music helps students to develop composing, performing, aural and analytical skills. The course focuses on: 

  • Interpreting ideas through performing with technical and expressive control and an understanding of style and context  
  • Creating, developing and refining musical ideas with technical and expressive control and coherence  
  • Demonstrating and applying musical knowledge  
  • Analysing and appraising music, making evaluative and critical judgments


Component 1: Appraising Music - 40% 

  • Examination 
  • Listening and written questions 

Component 2: Performance - 35% 

  • Non-Exam Assessment (Coursework) 
  • Solo and / or ensemble performance 

Component 3: Composition - 25% 

  • Exam Assessment (coursework)  
  • Two compositions, one free and one to a brief 

Skills Developed and Career Prospects

Studying Music inspires students to explore creativity and expression alongside more formal skills of critical analysis, presentation, interpretation and language. It develops ability in a diverse range of skills including performing, creating, listening and essay writing. It also promotes the softer skills of team work, critical thinking, communication, confidence, concentration and self-reliance.

A Level Music complements a range of subjects including Maths, Art, Theatre Studies, Music Technology and Languages. The course leads to a qualification which not only facilitates access to a higher education, but also a wide range of career opportunities. Music graduates are employed across a varied range of fields; a large proportion work in the creative industry, but the roles performed by graduates vary greatly. Less anticipated, but no less common, is the employment of Music graduates in Finance and Banking, Legal and Consultancy fields. 

High Storrs Sixth Form Entry Requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 9 - 4. This MUST include at least a Grade 4 in English Language and Mathematics


Grade 5 in Music AND Grade V in voice / instrument AND the ability to read music notation (both treble and bass clef) OR an equivalent demonstration of expertise