A Level AQA

Throughout the two year course students will cover:

  • Physical Chemistry  
  • Inorganic Chemistry  
  • Organic Chemistry  

Students will also explore other areas of chemistry including: thermodynamics, rate equations, transition metals, optical isomerism and polymers


Paper 1 - 35%

  • Physical Chemistry 
  • Inorganic Chemistry 

Paper 2 - 35%

  • Physical Chemistry 
  • Organic Chemistry 

Paper 3 - 30%

  • Content from the whole course  

Practical skills are assessed in the written papers

Skills Developed and Career Prospects

A Level Chemistry will develop thinking and analytical skills with a high degree of problem solving, as well as ‘hands on’ skills with a high level of attention to detail.

Many careers and degree courses can follow from A Level Chemistry. These include in the healthcare pathway for example Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry. Other useful careers include the Biological Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry. Chemistry is also taken by many Law applicants as it demonstrates the ability to cope with difficult concepts

High Storrs Sixth Form Entry Requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 9 - 4. This MUST include at least a Grade 4 in English Language


Grade 6 in Chemistry OR Grade 6-6 in Combined Science AND Grade 6 in Maths