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Sixth Form Admissions

If you have any questions about admission to High Storrs Sixth Form, please contact sixthform@highstorrs-mlt.co.uk

Alumni applying to university?  

Contact sixthform@highstorrs-mlt.co.uk if you would like us to support your application.

Welcome to our Sixth Form

High Storrs has a thriving, successful Sixth Form. We are committed to providing the highest standard of education and a positive and motivating learning environment for all students.

We offer a learning environment which is second to none, including modern study spaces, specialist classrooms and state of the art performance spaces. It is the perfect environment to deepen your study of subjects you studied at GCSE or to embark upon new courses.

The Sixth Form has a uniquely supportive ethos. Students are stretched and challenged, but in a positive way, catering for individual needs and abilities. We believe that every student can, and should, achieve success. We work closely with parents, especially if concerns arise and when particular praise is deserved.

But there is much more to Sixth Form life than academic achievement. Students enjoy all the opportunities of a well-resourced school, with a full package of extra curricular activities. We also prepare students for higher education, employment or further training, so they can play a full and responsible role in the community. Our committed and talented staff foster and develop high aspirations, helping nurture our students to achieve their goals.

We look forward to a long and productive partnership with students and your families.

Laura Newell, Director of Sixth Form

Key contacts

  • Mrs L Newell - Director of Sixth form
  • Mrs R Pattinson - Y12 Head of Year
  • Mr B Kelly - Y13 Head of Year
  • Mrs G Delaney - Y12 Student Support
  • Miss C Thew - Y13 Student Support
  • Miss J Everitt - Sixth Form Admissions

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Our Students

'I have loved every minute of my time at High Storrs; no other school I’ve been to has had such a welcoming, diverse and creative atmosphere!' Oli

'Since starting Sixth Form, I have had the chance to get involved in so many different things. My favourites have been the school production, helping at the Open Evenings, and filming for a mental health project.' Ola

'High Storrs has given me the opportunity to go to a school with a liberal and diverse environment, it really is a one-of-a-kind school where the teachers care, are passionate and supportive regarding students’ futures.' Luke

'High Storrs has been the perfect place for getting the grades I wanted to achieve. The students and teachers are caring and compassionate ready at any moment to help me with my learning journey.' Sam

'Classics really appeals to me because it is a unique mix of history, literature, drama and art, which is something you can’t get in any other subject. I think High Storrs students are very lucky that our school offers this subject as it provides an in-depth picture of a period of time that you don’t study in History.' Rafi

'I knew moving into a new school would be a challenge, but High Storrs has made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I can’t wait for my two-year journey here.' Liz