Minerva Learning Trust

Forms & Houses

Students at High Storrs are organised into four houses, each comprising students in groups from Year 7 to Year 11. This provides ‘a community within a community’, as each House contains only 300 students, and makes it possible for students to get to know and support each other, regardless of their age. Unfortunately, there are aspects of this which have been impacted by the Covid restrictions (e.g. vertical forms). We have been following this system since 2008 and it has proved to be highly successful.

The advantages of the House system

•    It provides our students with continuity, as they are able to stay with the same tutor for all five years, who will support them throughout their educational, social and personal development.

•    It creates a ‘school within a school’ with a particular identity. Each House has their own Head of House (from among our teaching staff), and a Student Support Assistant (who works full-time to support the students within their House). This is particularly good for the Y6 – Y7 Transition, a helps a student to have a sense of belonging within the larger school community.

•    In ‘normal times’, younger students would see older students going through important milestones in their journey through High Storrs (e.g. Y8 Options, first exams etc.) which helps them prepare themselves. We have had to suspend vertical forms for the time being due to the Covid restrictions and the need to limit student contact with each other.


Head of House: Mr R Tattersall, Student Support: Mrs M Lomas


Head of House: Miss R Ashley,


Head of House: Mr I O'Connor, Student Support: Mrs M Stephens


Head of House: Mr N Mallaband, Student Support: Mrs N Gaughan