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High Storrs School admissions are managed the Sheffield Local Authority (LEA) and applications for a place at HSS need to be directed to Secondary Admissions for Sheffield. All questions regarding applications and waiting lists should be directed to Sheffield Local Authority (LEA).

Information and a Common Transfer Form can be sought from the Sheffield Council website or by contacting Secondary Admissions Sheffield Council Website

The Sheffield City Council guide for parents is available on their website, please see the link above. A guide is available there to download called Transfer to Secondary Guide. This is a leaflet that summarises the key points and dates and is sent to every Y6 parent in the city.

Please note that High Storrs is a popular school and it is presently oversubscribed in all year groups.

Our full Admissions Policy can be found on the Policies & Forms page of the website.

For all Y12-Y13 admissions please go to our Sixth Form section