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25th May 2018

The thoughts of a Y13 leaver

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23rd May 2018

Esme is up for Vauxhall FA England Young Player of the Year!

Esme attended High Storrs up until this year when she had the opportunity to join the Manchester City team where they would take over her education provision. Her football career has continued to go from strength to strength, and we as a school, are so proud of what she has achieved! To vote for Esme, just follow this link. It will take just a few seconds. There is a very short deadline, so please do it now! Read more

16th May 2018

Figure Skating and School Life: The Balance

Lilia, Y8

Hi my name is Lilia and I’m 12 years old . I'm in Y7 and I’m a figure skater . Here, I’m going to share with you my story including the ups and the downs. Read more

2nd May 2018

Year 13: Journey’s End

Mrs L Mason, Assistant Headteacher - Director of Sixth Form

It’s the final countdown to Y13 exams. For most, these are the pre-requisites for your desired university place; for all they are the end result of two years of work and the gateway to the rest of your lives. Read more

30th April 2018

Three things...

Mr B Lacey, Assistant Headteacher

Last week I had the joy of going into all of the lower school House Assemblies to introduce myself as the new Assistant Headteacher at High Storrs. I shared with them three things that I have always strongly believed as a teacher. Here they are (Just in case your child hasn’t memorised them and shared them with you!)... Read more

25th April 2018

#SaveClassics Fundraising Campaign Update

Miss Johnson, Subject Leader for Classics and Latin

The current total raised is £24,431.95 and the Classics Department would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fund so far. Particular thanks go to our major donors – Andrew Cook, John Hancock, Alex Jennings and Richard Humphry – who are all alumni of the Boys’ Grammar School and have been extremely generous. We would also like to thank broadcaster and journalist, Paul Heiney, another alumnus of the Boys’ Grammar, for his time, effort and expertise in producing a short film for us to promote the campaign on social media, which we hope will get it out to a wider audience. Read more

23rd April 2018

Flying High at Rolls Royce

Mr Hogan, Subject Leader for Science

Y12 Physics students accompanied by Mr Hogan and Mr Armitage went on a visit to Rolls Royce Derby where we fortunate enough to be hosted by a former student, Will Dobson who is an engineer and a Team Leader in the civil jet engine division. Read more

16th April 2018

GCSE Revision Tips for Parents

Mr A Walton-McBain, Deputy Headteacher

We are so proud of our students. They have worked so hard during their time at school and are fast approaching the point where they can display all that they have learnt, and unlock the door to an exciting future. We know you cannot help them in the exam itself; however there are some simple things you can do at home to help support them during the revision process and exams. Read more

19th March 2018

School days, snow days...

C Tasker, Headteacher

As I write this blog the snow is falling … again. I had hoped Spring might be here. It seems I am wrong. Fortunately, today is a Saturday and I do not have to worry about a ‘snow day’! But I do want to write about snow days; firstly, to thank the High Storrs community for all their support with the recent school closures and secondly, to explain a little about how we arrive at the decisions to close the school, have a late start, open the school etc etc. Read more

13th February 2018

A Day in the Life of a City Trader, and the unexpected route to get there!

Tom Furnival, Alumnus 2002-2009

Hello, my name is Tom. I was at High Storrs from 2002—2009 and took my A Levels in Maths, Chemistry & Physics. After my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, I did a PhD in Materials Science, which I finished early last year. My PhD research was all about the behaviour of materials, but on a really small scale. I looked right down to the scale of individual atoms using an electron microscope. I now work as a trader in the City in London for a US-based financial company, and I’ve been asked to describe a typical day in the office: Read more

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