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6th November 2018

Netball Fixtures

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5th November 2018

Welcome back!

C Tasker, Headteacher

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12th September 2018

Fencing Champion!

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10th September 2018

Didn’t we do well! Measuring the Impact of New GCSEs?

Mr Walton-McBain, Deputy Headteacher

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11th July 2018

#Save Classics Update

It’s been a fantastic couple of months for us here at High Storrs #SaveClassics campaign, not least because our current total has reached £30,150! Read on to see what we’ve been doing and who has supported us… Read more

10th July 2018

High Storrs visits the Battlefields

Claire Tasker, Headteacher and Historian

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19th June 2018

Y8, Luke, Meets the England Football Team

Luke, Y8

Not so long ago we received the amazing prize, courtesy of Lidl, for one of our pupils to go and watch the England Football team practice ahead of the World Cup. Y8 pupil, Luke, won the raffle and agreed to write us a little blog about this amazing experience. Read more

25th May 2018

The thoughts of a Y13 leaver

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23rd May 2018

Esme is up for Vauxhall FA England Young Player of the Year!

Esme attended High Storrs up until this year when she had the opportunity to join the Manchester City team where they would take over her education provision. Her football career has continued to go from strength to strength, and we as a school, are so proud of what she has achieved! To vote for Esme, just follow this link. It will take just a few seconds. There is a very short deadline, so please do it now! Read more

16th May 2018

Figure Skating and School Life: The Balance

Lilia, Y8

Hi my name is Lilia and I’m 12 years old . I'm in Y7 and I’m a figure skater . Here, I’m going to share with you my story including the ups and the downs. Read more

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