Minerva Learning Trust
1st March 2022

Sixth Form Offer Day

This month’s HSS Blog comes from Mrs Newell, our Director of Sixth Form.  It was written to be released on 1st March – Sixth Form Offer Day.  Our Sixth Form has grown and flourished even further in recent year and this blog details all that happens between offer day and starting Sixth Form in September

Today is Sixth Form Offer Day!  Students across Sheffield and beyond will receive Post 16 offers from their first choice of sixth form in the city.

High Storrs, like all other school sixth forms in the city, is part of a co-ordinated sixth form admissions system: this is to make the application process easier and more consistent for applicants.  Students only need to complete one application, usually through Sheffield Progress (or sometimes via a Common Application Form if they live outside Sheffield), which allows them to opt for up to three school sixth forms in preference order.  

In November we held our Post 16 Open Evening, where we welcomed students old and new and showcased our amazing Sixth Form.  Since then we have had 570 applications to join us for September 2022 entry.  Of these, over half of the Y11 students have selected us as their first choice Sixth Form in Sheffield.  

We have read all of the High Storrs applications and are currently in the process of letting the Local Authority know who we can make offers to.  This is based on predicted grades at the time of the application: as with all sixth forms and colleges, High Storrs Sixth Form has entry requirements which we apply consistently to all applicants to ensure a fair and consistent process to all.  

Now, on 1st March, offers of sixth form places are being shared with Y11 students, who then have until 18th March to accept their conditional sixth form place.  

For those coming to High Storrs, we establish regular communication with all our offer holders to help ensure a smooth start in September.  This will certainly include contact with current students and staff.

Our Applicant Days are a key event on the horizon.  On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th July, students holding an offer with us will attend two induction days that combine subject taster lessons, time spent with their new form tutor, careers sessions, meeting our amazing student Head Team, plus much more.

Following this we all wait eagerly for GCSE results day: Thursday 25th August.  This is also our enrolment day, when we can turn the conditional offers into confirmed places as students bring their shiny exam results to show us.  

And then September will be here before we know it and our new student cohort, the class of 2024, will formally begin their journeys at High Storrs Sixth Form.  We don’t know exactly who they are yet, but we’re already wondering,

Will we have a future politician?  Or an esteemed filmmaker?  Who will be our first student of the week? How many extra-curricular clubs will they join?  And start?  

With applicants from 40 different schools, what we do know is that we will have a wonderfully unique and varied year group – and we can’t wait to meet them all.

Laura Newell

Assistant Headteacher - Director of Sixth Form