Minerva Learning Trust
23rd June 2022

Neuro-diversity Month at High Storrs School

This month’s HSS Blog comes from Mx Higginbottom who reflects on neuro-diversity month at High Storrs School  in March

As part of our work for neuro-diversity month March we decided to focus our attention on raising awareness.  But we also wondered if it would be far too simple for us just to create a set of resources based on our own perspectives and, with this in mind, we approached some sixth form students and asked what their opinions were and what they’d like to see us do.  Their response was interesting; they were keen that we educate the school community about the many different forms that neuro-diversity can take (as were we!) but they also wanted to share the ways that various conditions can act as a positive force in the lives of those who experienc.

This provided a fascinating opportunity for some reflection.  In what ways does someone with, for example, inattentive ADHD, want support from their friends and community?  And what advantages of having a different experience of the world could there be?  These questions are ones that we can all reflect on, as we continue on our journey to keep improving and exploring our diverse and brilliant community here.  So we celebrated ‘neuro-diversity month’ this time with displays highlighting and raising awareness and representation of many well known figures with neuro-diverse conditions.  Every time we let the world know who we are, that community grows a little bit stronger!