Minerva Learning Trust
5th October 2021

Dear Year 6 Me

Year 7 Students

This blog is a series of letters written by Y7s to their Y6 self.  Some of the students read them out at the Y6 Open Evening to re-assure the Y6s that Secondary school is not daunting; but exciting.  I am always so pleased to hear them all as they tell the tale of a very different children finding fun and joy in their new lessons and their new school.  I hope you enjoy reading them too. 

Dear Y6 me, 


I have now been at High Storrs for 4 weeks and let me tell you it is brilliant!  I know you had some worries like getting lost, but it’s all worked out ok as the one-way systems makes it easy to get around.  

Being in year 7 is very fun, as there are huge changes from primary school.  Let me tell you about some of the things that I have learned and experienced.  

My favourite lessons have been Art and Geography, as the teachers are really nice and the lessons are fun and interesting.  In form time you can sit next to all different year groups which is fun because they are experienced at High Storrs.  I am in Lyceum, and my form is Ly02.  The food is really good, in my opinion better than primary, and the fingerprint system is cool!

I like High Storrs!  This school was the right choice.  

Love from,  


Dear Y6 me, 


I have now been at High Storrs for 4 weeks and let me tell you, it is tiring but excellent. 

I know that we had some worries about secondary school like getting lost but we’ve found that it’s okay as there are plenty of helpful pupils and teachers to guide us and it isn’t actually as complicated as you may think. 

Being in Y7 is very different from Primary.  Let me tell you about some of my favourite lessons. In Design Technology, we have already started some interesting projects such as the ‘steady hand’ game.  In English, I love learning about the Greek myths and I am a big fan of the Percy Jackson books.  We are also doing plenty of new sports such as Hockey in P.E.

I have already made a lot of new friends who are lovely people. 

I am in Crucible house and like the vertical form set up as my form has students from all the years not just mine.  

I was excited to visit the Science labs and have already borrowed a book from the library, where you can also do your homework on the computers and read on the bean bags.

Packed lunches are my usual lunch but I may try the cafeteria later.  There are lots of lunchtime clubs to join so I am trying out a few. 

I have greatly enjoyed my first month here and am very happy to be a member of this exciting school.  

From W

Dear Y8 me


I have been at High Storrs now for only 2 weeks because my household had some positive tests but let me tell you it is an amazing school.  

I know I had a few worries about going to secondary school like getting lost in this big school but it worked out ok because if you think about it it’s just one big circle.  

In Year 7 my favourite lessons have been PE and maths because I’m really sporty and I just like maths.  I’ve met a lot of new people in High Storrs and have already made some new friends.  If you come into High Storrs being worried about being lonely all you need to do is make yourself approachable.  And just be friends to people in your form or class.   

Form time or registration is where you go in the morning to get registered and to do different things on different days for example you could be doing reading on a Tuesday or quiz on a Friday.  Depending on which House you’re in you will have different things at different times because of your House assembly.  I’m in Merlin (because it’s the best house) and everybody is really friendly.  There are 4 different houses Crucible, Merlin, Lyceum and Montgomery.   

At break and lunch all the year 7s go to a place called LF5 or the deli bar but they will tell you all about that on your first few days.  In my opinion I really like LF5 because you can have pizza on whatever day you want.  Just warning you the drama studio is freezing which is why I like PE the most because you get really warm really quickly!

I really like High Storrs and you have definitely picked the best school.  


From T

Dear Year 6 me, 


I have now been at High Storrs for nearly 4 weeks and I can tell you, it’s been amazing!

I know we had a few worries about coming to secondary, like getting lost, but it’s all worked out better than I thought because everyone is really nice!

Being in Y7 is exciting and a totally new experience.  I am loving the new lessons.  Science, Classics and Art are my favourites so far because they are all so different from primary school.  Also, I have made lots of new friends in form time, lessons and more.  I really like my form and enjoy being part of a House with all the different year groups.  

As well as this, I have signed up for many of the after-school clubs on offer here at High Storrs.  I’ve joined basketball, cooking and band which I’m really looking forward to.  

Another thing about High Storrs is their range of genres in the library.  These include History, Greek mythology, Manga and much more.  This is another reason why this school suits everyone’s tastes.

I had no doubts about whether or not to choose this school and I’m glad I was right!


From  L

Dear Y6 me,

I have been at High Storrs for 4 weeks now.  and let me tell you, it is one of the best schools ever.  I know we had some worries about going to secondary school like getting lost.  It all worked okay though, because of the helpful teachers that have shown me the way to classes, Like Mr O’Connor.  

Being in year seven is different to year six.  Let me tell you about some of the things I’ve learned and experienced; the biggest thing to get used to is moving to different classrooms for each lesson is very different to year six.  Rather than just staying in one lesson all the time and not really leaving the classroom, we get to go to the next, which I think is a great opportunity because you’ve learned a lot more than you’d learn with just one teacher. Learning different subjects with multiple teachers, each one dedicated to that one subject, you learn a lot more.

One of my favourite lessons is DT, we’re currently making a ‘steady hand game’, which is one of those games where there’s wiring like a loop and you have to move it around a wire without touching the sides and causing the game to make a beeping sound.  I find this lesson interesting because it’s quite creative and also technical and I just really enjoy it.   

I’ve met some new friends here, I went to summer school and found I easily made friends with a couple of new people.  Funnily enough, one of them has got the same name as me!  I was really pleased to find out that they were going to be in a lot of my lessons such Science and French.  

I am in Merlin house and my form room is the DT classroom.  Form time is a great start to the day, it gets you up and going for the rest of the school day as there is some social time and I get the opportunity to ask my form tutor any questions that you might have. 

I really like the science classrooms because they are big and I’m really interested in science.  

The quad is peaceful and nice and sunny, it’s a great place to relax.  I feel safe at High Storrs because I see all the other students getting along and the atmosphere is really friendly.  

I like High Storrs, we were right to choose this school. 


From H