Minerva Learning Trust
7th May 2021

The Holy Month of Ramadan

Our latest blog is written by Mrs Hussain, Learning Mentor, and shares details about the holy month of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid. She notes the rewards and challenges and how we have worked as a school to support our students, particularly those who will be sitting assessments to provide final pieces of evidence for their GCSE and A Level TAGs.

The holy month of Ramadan started in April, where Muslim students and families fast from sunrise to sunset.

Our Muslim students have observed their fasts during this period, and many Muslim students who observe Ramadan have found themselves fasting during the most stressful time of the academic year alongside the challenges of Covid 19. Despite this, they have met these challenges head on and have at the same time upheld the values of High Storrs School. For many it is the most blessed month of the year, where self-restraint, commitment and faith are displayed. Many regard it as a character-building month, and our students have shown strength and maturity during this time.

High Storrs has supported our Muslim students during this period and in particular at lunch times where they have been offered a quiet alternative place to go to, this space has been used well and our students have appreciated this.

We have also been very aware that our GCSE and A level students who are fasting whilst also preparing for the May Assessments are under particular pressure. We have worked to support them by sharing additional resources and sharing details such as revision lists and timetables in local mosques and community hubs.

Muslim families and students celebrate Eid to mark the end of Ramadan. This year, on Eid day many students will be coming into school at the start of the day to complete their assessments before joining family celebrations. This further demonstrates their commitment, self-discipline and dedication to their learning and education.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our students and their families a very happy Eid Mubarak.