Minerva Learning Trust
19th October 2021

New Staff Blog

In this next High Storrs Blog we have a brief introduction from our new recruits.  They have each shared a little of their history and a few nuggets of other information.  We have been so pleased to welcome such a talented group of people to join our High Storrs staff.

Layla Remeikis – Teacher of Geography

My name is Miss Remeikis and I am an Early Careers Teacher in Geography. I recently graduated from the University of Sheffield with my Postgraduate Diploma in Education, having completed my training year in schools across South Yorkshire. I have a background in Ecology, and previously worked for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust carrying out wildlife surveys of everything from bats and badgers to poisonous snakes! I am a physical geographer at heart, and out of school I can often be found hiking in the Peak District or buried in a good book – I’d recommend ‘Prisoners of Geography’ by Tim Marshall.

I am looking forward to taking the first steps in my teaching journey with the High Storrs team in September, and hope to bring my passion for the environment and conservation to inspire the next generation of young geographers!

Abbie Marshall – Cover Supervisor

So, I’m back…. I disappeared off to Westfield School to finish my NQT year in the PE department! I am so pleased to be back at High Storrs. If you hear ‘it’s the teacher with all the trainers’ its probably me.

As most of you will know I was here in PE during my ITT year and previous to that I studied a Masters in Education, worked as an Associate Lecturer for Sheffield College and did a short stint in the fitness industry. Prior to that I completed my undergraduate degree in PE and School Sport.

To those who don’t know I am a keen weightlifter/powerlifter but also have thrown myself into a wide range of sports over the years!  

Alexandra France – Teacher of PSHEE

Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra France and I have joined High Storrs as a PSCHEE teacher. I am joining as an Early Career Teacher and so sadly I can’t dazzle anyone with lists of impressive experience. I am an International Relations; Politics & Security Studies graduate who is passionate about social justice and empowering and supporting young people. I believe in equipping young people with the agency, skills, knowledge and attitude needed to have a strong and active role in their communities and society.  

High Storrs aim to ensure that every student has genuine and honest opportunities to thrive whilst being respectful, responsible, and safe, perfectly matches my experience of education and the positive impact that it has had on my life. I'm excited to now play my part and make a positive contribution to the lives of young people through PSHCEE education and the wider school community.

Susan Gleave - Librarian

Being a school library manager is my second career in life, and it's one that I love because I love to read and immerse myself into the endless world that books open up to us and it's wonderful to encourage students to find the same pleasure from reading!

After studying at The Royal College of Music in London I enjoyed a career in performing and teaching - the great times I had, performing all around the country and Europe, and even playing my saxophone up a tree in London Zoo with a 5 foot python wrapped around me!! I've also had more sensible gigs playing for royalty and many celebrities and recorded a CD which has been featured on BBC Radio 2.

I moved to the West Country and became Head of Instrumental Studies at a private school in Somerset and loved the many different demands of such a busy job.

I'm honoured to have the opportunity to work at High Storrs as I grew up in Sheffield and was always very envious of the music friends I had that were lucky enough to come here!

Liam Elliott - Cover Supervisor

Hello everyone, I am one of the new Cover Supervisors here at High Storrs. I am a History graduate and have always been passionate about my subject (especially the Wars of the Roses!). I’ve lived in Sheffield for the last 5 years and have no intention of leaving! I completed my ITT last year with the Sheffield SCITT and I am really looking to starting my career here at such a great school. My first week here has been amazing. Everyone has made me feel welcome to the High Storrs community. I hope that I can be a helping hand here and I look forward to meeting everyone properly throughout the year.  

Alex Eagle – Teacher of Sociology & Politics

My name is Alex and I am joining High Storrs as a Teacher of Sociology and Politics. I moved to Sheffield 10 years ago to study Politics and Philosophy at University. Upon completing my degree, I worked for a number of years in local politics, first as a political assistant in Sheffield City Council and then for a local MP. After a brief stint working for a public affairs agency I decided to realise a long-held ambition to be a teacher.

I originally qualified as a RE teacher and since then I have worked in a number of local schools, including Tapton School and Sheffield High School for Girls, where I have taught Philosophy, Religious Studies and Sociology to pupils in KS3-5.

I love encouraging students to interrogate their own preconceptions, and to think in a different way about the world and the society in which we live. I am excited to be joining the team at High Storrs School and look forward to working with you all.

Scott Wheatley – Cover Supervisor 

Hi everyone, I’m one of the new cover supervisors. I am easily distinguishable due to my ability to reach items from the top shelf in your favourite supermarket.  

My teaching career is in its early stages after completing my ITT in PE last year. I’m extremely passionate about sport and how my subject allows for the holistic development of young people. The opportunity to aid students’ growth in environments/situations beyond the classroom is a big reason why I love for PE (and I took so much from this as a student myself).  I also have two years cover sup experience prior to my PGCE which I did in my home town of Derby…

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into life here at High Storrs and build on my teaching practice while hopefully being able to make a positive contribution to the lives of the fabulous young people and the wider school community.  

Erin Sinclair – Assistant SENco

My name is Erin Sinclair and I am the new assistant SENCo at High Storrs School. I am also an English teacher.

I have been teaching for 10 years and I am joining High Storrs from Parkwood E-Act Academy in Shirecliffe. I worked at Parkwood for 5 years and, before that, I worked at Hungerhill School in Edenthorpe for 3 years.

I am passionate about SEND provision and inclusive teaching and I am excited to bring my knowledge and enthusiasm to High Storrs. I truly believe that all pupils should have access to high quality learning, no matter what barriers they face, and I will always be an advocate for pupils.

I am incredibly excited to begin my new journey at High Storrs and I cannot wait to meet lots of new people, have lots of new experiences and learn more about the world of SEND.

Eleanor Palmer – Teacher of Dance

My name is Eleanor Palmer and I am joining High Storrs as a part-time dance teacher. I have just moved north from London where I have worked as a performer and dance teacher for the past 9 years. As well as my passion for contemporary dance and choreography I also love to travel and learn from different cultures and so have spent time in Asia and South America studying yoga. I am really looking forward to being part of the incredible performing arts offer at High Storrs and hopefully introducing some yoga for student wellbeing.

Martin Legallais – Teacher of MFL

Hi my name is Martin Legallais and I have joined High Storrs as a French teacher. I am originally from France but I have lived in the US; and of course, in the UK for about 5 years now.

I am passionate about teaching French and expanding students’ horizons and ambitions. I also love IT, sports (especially martial arts) and reading (sociology and current events).

High Storrs is a great school with an amazing ethos and I am very excited to have joined the staff.

Rosie Pattinson – Teacher of English

Someone once told me most people go through three major moves in their lives. For me, despite lots of small moves during my university years and the ‘working out who I am and what I should be doing with my life’ time of my early twenties, I think this move to Sheffield from Birmingham, where I began my teaching career, marks the second. But the beauty and excitement of this particular move is that it is one that involves both a step forwards into the new and a reconnection with the old. Growing up in rural North Nottinghamshire, Sheffield was a not-too-distant land of weekend excitement. It was the destination marked on a return train ticket to Meadowhall for the cinema, a McDonalds and a psychedelically coloured slushy drink. It was Sheffield Ski Village. It was the freedom and revelry of first gigs at the Leadmill and Sheffield Arena. As I left for university, my parents re-located back to our original home of Cumbria, meaning that aside from the occasional trip to see friends, my experience of Sheffield became confined to the memory of those halcyon teenage years. Now, the university years, a short career in book publishing, seven years in teaching, and two children later, life has brought me happily back to this great city. This time, it is (I hope) with a little more of the wisdom of age and experience, and a broader outlook which is allowing me to appreciate so many other dimensions to the place. Having moved in June, this summer has been one I’ve spent with a permanent sense of being on holiday without travelling further than an hour or so from our new home. While I think I’ll always feel a warm pang of nostalgia on a trip to Meadowhall, or when I see a road sign pointing in the direction of the arena, I’m pleased this city now means afternoons exploring the fantastic independent shops, wandering through city parks, and family walks in the Peak District at the drop of a hat. It also, of course, means exciting professional opportunity and change. I come to High Storrs from a boys’ school in inner-city Birmingham, and look forward to the experience of a new mixed setting, and the opportunity to teach A-level, and to learn and develop among new ideas in a different department. I don’t know if or when that major third move will come, but I look forward with relish to the changes and challenges this one will bring, and extend a warm ‘hello’ to staff and students alike at High Storrs.

Rebecca Lilley – Attendance Officer

My name is Rebecca Lilley and I have just begun my journey at High Storrs schools as the Attendance Officer. I have moved from Wiltshire where I have lived with my family for over 15 years mainly due to my husband’s 25 Year career in the army.  We have now made the move back to Yorkshire to continue to support our younger son Benjamin in his football career and to be near family. I am very passionate about attendance and I look forward to working with you all to improve High Storrs’ attendance standards.

Luke Richardson – Biology Technician

 Hi, I’m Luke and I started as the Science department’s biology technician this year. I have a background in evolutionary biology, entomology and photogrammetry, but this is my first time holding a technical post.

Since starting here at High Storrs, I have enjoyed working in the ever changing but never dull environment of the science department. I’m enjoying the high degree of independence and responsibility afforded to the science technical staff, and the constant support of my technician colleagues and all the teachers in my department.

I’m also enjoying all the fantastic specimens and oddments this large and established science department has behind the scenes, some of the specimens here are museum quality. It’s been going well so far, and I hope to continue to enjoy myself and be challenged by the coming year and whatever it may bring.