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8th January 2019

Welcome back and welcome to 2019!

C Tasker, Headteacher

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a restful and happy holiday with their family and friends.

Inevitably, at the start of the new calendar year, our minds turn to fresh starts and changes. But big changes are not part of the plan for 2019 at High Storrs School, instead this is the time to focus on what we hold dear and making sure we do that as well as we possibly can. In the first term we worked to simplify our key expectations for an orderly, safe and happy community. Mr Lacey coined the phrase ‘our non-negotiables’, the rules that need no discussion because they simply enable over 1700 students and staff to be safe, appropriate and happy in our lovely building and on our lovely site. A particular delight linked to this work came on the last day during the Panto - the henchman drew his (plastic) knife to murder Snow White and a student shouted out ‘that is a non-negotiable’. Brilliant.

However, such ‘non negotiables’ cannot stand alone. Our community works because everyone does more than follow the rules. It works because of the values we hold dear and the behaviours that stem from those values. A key part of these values is linked to what those that attend, work at, choose and support High Storrs School think that education is for; its purpose. We all agree that outcomes and exam passes to open the doors to next steps are important to us all, BUT the purpose of education is surely more than that? ...supporting the development of decent, kind and tolerant human beings; helping to build confidence and resilience; teaching objectivity and a love of learning; encouraging creativity and individuality.

This term and this year we will be working to really articulate our values and to hold all we do up against them, and we would like your help! At a number of future evening events and on our website we will be asking what educational values are dear to you and your family and what you hold dear about High Storrs School. Equally, we need to hear any concerns or worries you have about any values you do not feel we promote and uphold.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to work with you!

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