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15th February 2017

Blog 12, Ms Richards, 15 Feb 2017

Claire Tasker, Headteacher

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10th February 2017


Claire Tasker, Headteacher

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6th February 2017

A day in the life of a student support assistant

Abi Osborne, Student Support Assistant

"Good morning you're through to the House office". Read more

1st February 2017

School days

Claire Pender, Assistant Headteacher

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30th January 2017

A Day in the life of a Sixth Form student

Nicole, Sixth Form Student

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23rd January 2017

The Doors of Opportunity

Mrs Vaughan, Deputy Headteacher

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16th January 2017

New habits kicking in

Anonymous Teacher

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2nd January 2017

New Year, New Habits

Claire Tasker, Headteacher

The theme for our January training day was habit change. Read more

1st December 2016

Teaching History

Clare Tasker, Headteacher

Staffing changes have meant that I have started teaching three Y8 History classes on a Wednesday. It is a fabulous opportunity to get to better know nearly 90 students. Read more

1st November 2016

Post 16 Evening

Clare Tasker, Headteacher

Last Tuesday was our post 16 Evening ... and it was busy! Mrs Bonner and I spoke to over 700 parents, carers and students in the hall over the course of the evening and many of the subject talks were packed in each of the five sessions! Read more

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