Minerva Learning Trust
26th March 2024

Sixth Form Offers

Ms J Everitt, Sixth Form Admissions Administrator

It’s getting exciting here at High Storrs Sixth Form because March is the month students accept their offers to join us in September 2024.

We received over 500 Sixth Form applications and if you were lucky enough to get an offer from us you should have accepted it on Sheffield Progress by Friday 15 March. Over 300 students have been made an offer for our Sixth Form.

This process began in November 2023 when hundreds of students and parents/carers joined us for our Sixth Form Open Evening. All departments showcased the many amazing things they have to offer Sixth Form students and everybody got the chance to hear from the Headteacher and Director of Sixth Form.

At the end of November, applications opened on Sheffield Progress – a co-ordinated sixth form admissions system which allows students from all over the area to apply to a sixth form in Sheffield. Students completed their application, adding their chosen courses and schools in preference order and made sure they submitted by 31 January 2024.

After the 31 January 2024 deadline we worked hard to check all applications and let the Local Authority know to whom we can make offers. These decisions are based on predicted GCSE grades (agreed by schools in November 2023) to make sure students meet the entry requirements for Sixth Form and their chosen subjects.

Now that the offer acceptance deadline has passed, we will be continuing our communication with students who have accepted their place. The next big event for them will be the Applicant Day on Monday 1 July where students will have taster lessons in their chosen subjects, meet their form tutor and fellow students, meet the Head Team and get to experience a little bit of Sixth Form life. Attending this Applicant Day is a key part of our application process and unless there are exceptional circumstances we need all students to attend.

We’ll then be on the countdown to GCSE results day on Thursday 22 August when we also enrol all students who have accepted a conditional offer from us. Enrolment is based upon achieving the minimum entry requirements for Sixth Form and chosen courses, so we look forward to seeing students’ exam results to take up their place.

Not long after enrolment we get to September when we welcome all our lovely new students into Sixth Form. With students attending from over 20 schools we are guaranteed an eclectic mix of exciting young people. We do not know what the future holds for them yet, but are looking forward to learning and growing with them over the next two years.