Minerva Learning Trust
8th October 2019

Starting Sixth Form

Kaylee, Y12

Starting a new school is always daunting, especially when you’re doing it alone. I came to High Storrs without any of my friends: a new challenge.

The hardest part was walking into the school for the first time wondering ‘What on earth am I doing?’ There were times in the months before starting Sixth Form where I’d worry myself to sleep feeling like I wouldn’t fit in, wondering if I was making the right choice.

However, by the end of my first day all those worries were swept away. The relief I felt was so overwhelming, I knew that I had made the right choice for me.

I had taken myself out of my comfort zone to try something new, to do something I wanted to do for myself and choosing to join High Storrs Sixth Form was that for me.

Although it initially felt disheartening realising that I must make new friends all over again, it doesn’t seem like much of a task when most of us are in the same boat. Not to mention that all the teachers I have had the pleasure of encountering have been so kind and helpful!

I feel lucky to be able to be doing the subjects that I enjoy taught by people who are not only passionate about the subject, but caring and generous too.

Nevertheless I am aware of the fact that the next two years are probably not going to be as smooth running as the first few weeks’; there will be a multitude of work to complete weekly and there will most likely be a lack of sleep… but I find it hard to complain too much when I know I’m in an environment where I feel supported and safe.

Kaylee, Year 12