Minerva Learning Trust
1st October 2019

Y6 Open Evening

Nick Mallaband

On Thursday 26th of September we had our annual Y6 Open Evening. It is always a brilliant event and this year was no exception. The corridors were full of families deep in discussion about the classroom they had just been in and where their journey would take them next around school. From conversations with our many visitors to the school it was clear that they were excited to be here and that they couldn’t wait to find out more about life at High Storrs.

One parent said “It has such a great feeling. I don’t know what that means but it just feels right.”

And as a PE teacher and Head of Montgomery House I have to agree. High Storrs has so much positivity; the staff are enthusiastic about their school and the students thrive during their time here.

As you can see, this year I had the opportunity to venture out of the PE world and into other departments. I was impressed by the time and effort staff had put into their subject rooms and the way that they engaged with families highlighted their passion for their subject and school. There were stormy rooms and characters in costume in English, geography cakes in Geography, a Roman bar in Classics. performances in dance, drama and music, dissections and experiments in Science, chocolate cake making in Food Technology and much more.

The number of student volunteers just demonstrates the students’ love for High Storrs. The performances of dance, music, drama and sport were exceptional. The classrooms I visited were buzzing with staff, students and visitors all engaging in a fantastic selection of activities and conversation. This was helped along by the assortment of cakes available to raise money for charities.

One student volunteer said “I just love it here. I feel I can be my own person and that’s great. I want the Year 6s to have the same positive experiences I have had at High Storrs.”

High Storrs is certainly a place of achievement, a place of hard work and success. It is also a place of friendships and personal development. Our ethos is clear, as a school we provide students with the opportunity to learn, succeed and thrive. Moreover, this community is respectful, safe and responsible.

The High Storrs Open Evening was another reminder that not only are the academic outcomes some of the best in the city but that this is a school that also stands out for its diversity and inclusivity. We are High Storrs!

Nick Mallaband