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25th March 2019

High Storrs Stars are Standing at the Sky's Edge

Sheffield Stars! We have them in abundance at High Storrs. Two staff members and one student; Bronwen, Jane and Dylan, a are part of the mesmerising new production that is Sheffield Theatre’s ‘Standing at the Sky’s’ Edge.

Tickets are almost sold out but it really is a must see and to say that they have done us proud would be an understatement.

From the opening chords the audience were cleverly whisked through the decades in an abundance of laughter, bitterness, heartache and hope.

If the intention was to create an accessible, inclusive piece of theatre that left the audience feeling warm, nourished and proud to be a part of the diverse and welcoming community that is Sheffield, it certainly worked. The wonderful mix of Richard Hawley’s music, Chris Bush’s clever and engaging script, rich and vibrant characterisation and ensemble and the masterful direction of Robert Hastie makes for a performance to shout about.

As for Bron, Jane and Dylan; they really are exceptional. The ensemble is a huge factor in the success of the piece and it is so exciting to witness our staff and students being a part of it. Also, Dylan’s performance as young Jimmy was delightful and highly engaging.

Well done folks and enjoy the rest of the run.