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25th February 2019

High Storrs and Climate Change

C Tasker, Headteacher

Friday 15th February was quite a day! 

 We had planned a ‘Wear Purple for Pride’ day at High Storrs but national events overtook us and it became a day of student strikes against climate change. Disruption and excitement aside, it is hard not to be proud of young people who have strong beliefs and clear values and are prepared to take a stand. Working and building for a great future is absolutely what education is all about, and it is about more than one day off school. A wonderful Y7 student showed me some posters she had made and was putting up all over school on Friday - the key message was ‘respect existence’. In smaller font it read ‘small things help shape our future’ and ‘you don’t have to strike – you just need to want to make a change’. I really liked the poster and it is exactly that sentiment that inspired this blog. I am proud of the students and families who went along on Friday 15th (I am less proud of the students who did not have parental permission and walked out and those who got permission but never made it to the strike) but what we all do next is just as important. 

 The list below details all the things that High Storrs students can get involved in over the coming months to live greener lives and small things they can do to shape the future. Please do join me in encouraging involvement,

  • A group of students from Crucible House have been fundraising to build a home for some rescue chickens in our piazza. They have raised over half the amount but would welcome donations (small change) from everyone to reach the total needed.
  • Another group of students are campaigning to reduce waste from packaging. We are also designing a HSS re-usable cup that will be available shortly.
  • Our wonderful Student Council have funded recycling bins all over school. We all need to use them all the time, and all litter should be in a waste bin! All forms should also have a Green Rep who takes paper to the recycling bins on regular basis
  • We have student and staff Eco Groups, the more people that join the more they can achieve!
  • Finally, we have a big ‘Eco-Expo’ at HSS on Saturday 23rd March. There are details about speakers, stalls and ways to get involved on our website. If all the students who went on strike come along it will be a very well-attended event!