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8th January 2019

Sheffield Children's Book Awards

Lucy B, Student and SCBA Book Reviewer

The Sheffield Childrens Book Award (SCBA) is an award that many authors can receive. This year, there was seven different categories (baby books, toddler books, picture books, emerging reads, shorter novels, longer novels and young adult). From each category, there are three books. Children read 1/2/3 categories, and then vote on their favourite book. The book with the most votes in each category gets a prize. Furthermore, the book with the most votes out of the category winners wins the SCBA. 

Eighteen students from High Storrs went to the awards, and we watched a ceremony in the Lyceum Theatre, where the winner of each category was awarded their prize. After the ceremony, we had lunch, and then we went to Waterstones. At Waterstones, everyone got to choose a book for the school library. Then we went to the Crucible Theatre to meet Elizabeth Laird (best seller of ‘oranges in no-mans land’, who spoke to us about her inspiration to write books. On the way to meeting Elizabeth, we saw Michael Rosen (funny poet).

The SCBA is an experience that I am DEFINITELY not going to forget; I recommend it!


Lucy B

If I had to sum up the Sheffield Childrens Book Awards in one word, that would 100% be my word.