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7th November 2018

Project Z - Zombies come to High Storrs

Ashvin - Y8

Project Z - Zombies at High Storrs

Project Z is a TV series that was originally filmed and broadcast in Wales and is currently being filmed in England. High Storrs was one of the few lucky schools to be chosen for this in all of England.

Anyone who goes to High Storrs would have been surprised by the state it was in during the shooting. Rubbish everywhere and strange items dominated the hallways and corridors alongside a lot of posters and props.

The Filming

A lot of things were completely different to how you see them on TV with a lot of the scenes not being shot in order and if you pay close enough attention when it is released (March-April) 2019 on ITV and CITV- keep an eye out), you will notice ‘mistakes’ in the layout. Because we knew the layout, we often found ourselves confused and had to retake a scene because we knew a room was the opposite way we were going- but had to act like it wasn’t.

Whilst we were waiting for it to be set up we took videos and photos of ourselves being funny and making behind the scenes vlogs which had us laughing when we watched them the day after.

Even though the shooting took almost 10 hours, no one felt like it took that long because we were having a lot of fun.

The Zombies

I for one wasn’t that scared of the actors after the first scene but the first time we saw them we actually froze. They were all extremely tall and even though they were only 5 of them I actually expected them to be cartoony- I don’t know why. After the initial shock I got used to them (I was only really afraid of one of them) and because of them we made a really embarrassing and funny mistake in the first scene! Go watch it - I’m not telling you!

Best and Worst bits

My favourite scene was the one shot in the Science classroom because we had seen into the room all day but weren’t allowed to look inside and that made me want to do it more! There was also some gruesome and cool stuff which I liked. One of the worse parts was the chance of being picked on the ‘sacrifice dice’ and being made to face 3 zombies by yourself!