Minerva Learning Trust
22nd November 2017


Fran Lee, Learning Support

The DIGGER project finally got underway on September 28th. At the moment it is running once a week for a 2 hour session with 4 students.

We managed to acquire some pallets from Freecycle which Mr Vickers (D&T Teacher) kindly picked up for us. He has been a great help to the project by making some tools boxes and three compost bins from the pallets.

So far we have been doing some weeding, lining the compost bins with some artificial grass (donated by Tesco) and some general tidying up. We have also started digging a small patch of ground to make a bed for vegetables and the compost bins are starting to get filled with the veg and fruit peelings from the school kitchen each day.

We have had a variety of tools, seeds, pot plants etc. donated to the project by staff, and some forks and smaller items donated by Tesco. We've also received £20 towards the project from Tesco and £30 from Morrisons. 

After applying for a grant from the ECT, we have been informed that they have awarded the project £754 to buy tools and equipment which will help the project enormously.

Our focus now is to gather funds to buy a shed to store all our equipment, something that is especially important now that the weather is changing, but also to allow us to work under cover as well. 

We are still collecting 2 litre plastic bottles for our greenhouse construction. We will need at least 1,500, so if you have any they would be gratefully received in Learning Support.