Outstanding together, working together, learning together.

19th May 2017

Elliot Goodhill & Vishal Chanda

Elliot Goodhill & Vishal Chanda

The student experience in West Side Story

Working side by side with people who eventually become like family is only one of the perks of being a part of West Side Story. All the cast rehearse regularly, almost every day after school may seem like too much, but once in rehearsal the time flies by. Being surrounded by a group involving all years, you get the opportunity to interact with each other, forming friendships which you previously may not have been able to do. 

All the hard work put in throughout the year leads to an exhilarating first show, a buzz which carries on throughout the week leading to an explosive final show. It is a complex process filled with high energy warm ups and intense focus, but in spite of this we’ve not forgotten how to have fun; as each rehearsal is filled with laughs and is an excellent break from homework or revision. When it comes to the final show, we know it will be emotionally exhausting, possibly even filled with tears, especially when the whole cast say goodbye to the Y13s. But it’ll be a suitable end to a year filled with excitement, energy, hard work and laughs. It’s quite hard to put the experience of west side story in to words, but it is an incredible experience that we won’t forget.