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13th March 2017

Blog 14 - Ms Tiffin - 13 March 2017

Ms Tiffin

Blog 14 - Ms Tiffin - 13 March 2017

On the last Friday of term, one coach, 48 students and 7 staff (who kindly gave up their half term) ventured off on the annual High Storrs Ski Trip to Bormio, Italy. We traveled over land, sea and more land to reach our destination almost 1000 miles away on a journey that was timed by one of our students to be 26 hours and 45 minutes! Having reached our hotel, tired from a term of hard work and travelling for so long, we were greeted by wonderful hotel staff who ushered us straight in for some beautiful Italian food.

As always, the first morning of the trip is full of anticipation and excitement about the days ahead and we finally got to see the mountain range in its full glory. After the military style operation of getting everyone suited,booted and through the ski hire we were ready to ascend the gondola; laden with our skis, poles and helmets. 

Students were divided into groups by ability, met their ski instructors and our adventure could really begin. There were lots of smiling faces over lunch in the sunshine, surrounded by breathtaking views of the Italian Alps. After an afternoon of skiing, the Students were all ready to get some rest back at the hotel for the evening, which was our only free one of the week.

We spent the days skiing and the evening were filling with activities. One of the favourites was the welcome party held in the quaint town centre. Students experienced the Italian hospitality with open air dancing and music provided from a live DJ, with locals in traditional dress gave us a flavour of the town. Other evening activities included pizza night, a disco and sledging.

As the skiing continued the students grew in confidence and it was a pleasure to see them supporting, encouraging and helping each other overcome their fears. The variety of activities ranged from snow park tricks for the advanced group, to taking the first ever chair lift ride for the beginners; all of whom achieved this before the week was out. They shared the joys of skiing and the laughs of crazy tumbles, of which Mr Haigh had the best (and longest) when he fell off the button lift. 

The highlight of the week was the school Super G slalom race in which students in each group raced against each other. With Miss Mulrennan’s expert commentary on the microphone I think we were the loudest school on the mountain with encouraging cheers and whooping which, I am sure, could be heard over the border in Switzerland!

The week was soon over and during the return journey students had found new friendships, shared their highlights of the week and were already asking where we were going next year!

I would like to thank our wonderful students for their exemplary behaviour, positive attitude and making the most of the opportunity. You made the trip!

Grazie mille,

Ms T