20th December 2017

Studing Performing Arts at High Storrs

James Hadabora - 2017 Alumnus

I started at High Storrs Sixth Form intending to pursue Maths, but I enjoyed Theatre and Dance so much that I thought studying performance was worth a go! I was encouraged by the teachers at High Storrs, to the point where they gave me the self belief that I could succeed in something I had not taken seriously before. 

I'm now studying Professional Dance and Musical Theatre at Bird College, Kent. The life of a performer is hard; mentally and physically. But High Storrs offered me so much in terms of preparation. I had the opportunity in Y13 to perform in West Side Story, and was part of the High Storrs Dance Company. These gave me the chance to learn the right mentality to survive in this tough world, and an insight into the expectations in this profession.

Mr Selby was such a support; always around to support me in Dance and help me prepared for auditions, sharing his advice and techniques to survive an audition environment, as did Ms Pender and Mr Jeffrey in Drama. I've never had more experienced and critical teachers, but their critique was always well natured and they absolutely know what they are talking about.