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19th March 2018

School days, snow days...

C Tasker, Headteacher

As I write this blog the snow is falling … again. I had hoped Spring might be here. It seems I am wrong. Fortunately, today is a Saturday and I do not have to worry about a ‘snow day’! But I do want to write about snow days; firstly, to thank the High Storrs community for all their support with the recent school closures and secondly, to explain a little about how we arrive at the decisions to close the school, have a late start, open the school etc etc. Read more

13th February 2018

A Day in the Life of a City Trader, and the unexpected route to get there!

Tom Furnival, Alumnus 2002-2009

Hello, my name is Tom. I was at High Storrs from 2002—2009 and took my A Levels in Maths, Chemistry & Physics. After my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, I did a PhD in Materials Science, which I finished early last year. My PhD research was all about the behaviour of materials, but on a really small scale. I looked right down to the scale of individual atoms using an electron microscope. I now work as a trader in the City in London for a US-based financial company, and I’ve been asked to describe a typical day in the office: Read more

6th February 2018


Fran Lee

Well, we have finally got a shed! AND a base! Read more

5th February 2018

Excellence in students' Attitude to Learning

C Tasker, Headteacher

Our new ‘Attitude2Leaning' grades were launched at the start of this school year and, at the highest levels for each key stage, describe the learning behaviours that will lead to success in school and beyond. Students who are always ready for learning, use feedback to improve, work well with others, are organised and meet deadlines, are positive, engaged and resilient and take pride in their work are always going to achieve their best. They are also a real asset to our school. Read more

29th January 2018

Senior Maths Challenge

Mr Wells, Maths Teacher

Read more

9th January 2018

Your school is lying to you...

Rowena Fletcher-Wood (Alumna 2007)

The school is lying to you. Your parents. Everyone, pretty much. Read more

8th January 2018

Celebrating with last year's Sixth Form leavers

Harry Gamsu, Alumni 2007

On Wednesday 20th December 2017 we welcomed back our most recent Sixth Form leavers to celebrate their results and achievements during their time at High Storrs Sixth Form. We also welcomed alumni, Harry Gamsu, to speak at the evening and present their awards. He has kindly forwarded his speech that we can share with you now. Read more

27th December 2017

High Storrs, a view from the 90's

Eve Worthington - Alumna

Eve left High Storrs back in 1998 but has written a quick blog for us reflecting on her time at the school and life and career since... Read more

20th December 2017

Studing Performing Arts at High Storrs

James Hadabora - 2017 Alumnus

James attended High Storrs Sixth Form from 2015-2017 and has gone on to study Professional Dance and Musical Theatre at Bird College. He popped back to visit the Dance and Drama departments last month and wrote us a mini-blog. Read more

19th December 2017

Merry Christmas... and relax!

Claire Tasker, Headteacher

I am struggling to remember a time when we have broken up at the end of the first term as late as 22nd December! Despite this the staff remain (mostly) chipper and focused! I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it is to work with the staff of High Storrs School. We have recently been auditing our extracurricular offer and there are now over well over 50 clubs and activities. And if we look at the past three weeks there has been an array of concerts (two), performances (two), sporting fixtures, fundraising events (two days), a Christmas Fayre and a Celebration Event. And that is the ‘extras’ … I also have the privilege of observing all the teaching staff and enjoying their classroom practice, subject knowledge and passion for working with young people. Read more

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