Minerva Learning Trust
18th July 2022

Hot Weather: Update to School Hours

18th July 2022

Dear HSS families,

School will close at 1.55pm again tomorrow (Tuesday 19th July). We will dismiss students from period 4 lessons encouraging them to fill water bottles on their way out of the building at the water coolers or from cold water taps in the toilet blocks (drinking water). Whilst an older building has its advantages, we have found in recent hotweather most spaces are uncomfortable by period 5.

We also carefully considered an earlier closing time tomorrow but thought a 1.55pm finish would strike a good balance as we are mindful that not all parents/carers will be at home in the afternoon. Moreover, we know that you will share our expectation that students go straight home – this is not the weather to gather in open spaces.

We have measures in place in school to make things as comfortable as possible (some re- rooming, changes to planned activities in lessons, changes to rules to allow students into cooler spaces at lunchtime etc). We are also asking the Y10s and Y12s bring food or buy food from school to avoid walking to Bents Green at lunchtime. Please could you remind them about that?

All timings will be back to normal on Wednesday (and Thursday is the planned early close for the end of term).

Thank you for your patience with the changing plans and for the kind messages of support.

Best wishes

High Storrs School