Minerva Learning Trust
12th July 2022

Sports Day: Monday 18th July: CANCELLED

Dear High Storrs Families,

Sports Day cancelled and Y10 Careers Day postponed– Y7-10 students in school for normal lessons on Monday 18th July

Staff at High Storrs have been working really hard to try to adjust and risk assess our plans to find a way to run our Sports Day on Monday (and other events) despite the increasingly worrying messages about the weather.  Alas, we simply cannot go ahead with Sports Day as we believe it poses too many risks.  Moreover, DfE guidance is clear that vigorous physical activity must be avoided in temperatures over 30C.  

Instead, Y7-10 students will be in school between 9.55am and 1.55pm for normal lessons on Monday.  The adjustment to timings is for two reasons – we will still run our Y12 Careers Day and so will need time to adjust plans/rooming/staffing and ready resources for the change to the day. The early finish for Y7-10 is partly linked to how warm we believe classrooms will become and partly linked to the arrangements for the Y12 Careers Day.  

The Y10 Careers Day will be rescheduled for September.  Sadly, we cannot staff or room the planned day with the Y7-9 students back in school.  

Staff at HSS are working into evenings and into their family time at weekends to risk asses, discuss and change plans.  We are always driven by doing what we believe is right.  Plus, we know that our young people have missed out on so much for the past few years and we are mindful of that.  Some of you will be pleased with the decision and support us.  Some of you will be cross and have ideas on how we could have done things differently.  I only hope that you trust we always try to do what we believe is right for all students and all families mindful that not everyone will agree on what is right!

Best Wishes

High Storrs School