Minerva Learning Trust

Minerva learning trust

David Mowbray, Chair of Governing Body and Claire Tasker, Headteacher, March 2018:

Dear Parents/Carers and members of the High Storrs Community

On 1st March 2018 High Storrs School became an academy and a member of the Minerva Learning Trust. We join Handsworth Grange Community School, Ecclesfield School and Stocksbridge High School as members of this Sheffield-based Multi Academy Trust (MAT). King Edward VII School are also planning to join and we look forward to working more closely with these great schools from across our city.  

In many ways being a member of Minerva Learning Trust will not impact on everyday life for staff and students at High Storrs School; same teachers, same staff, same catchment, same special ethos, same Houses, same curriculum offer! Yet we are already enjoying the benefits of our new partnerships – opportunities for our staff in other schools, peers to discuss and share ideas with, support from Minerva leaders and much more. We believe we have found a home for High Storrs where we can continue to develop and thrive; learn from the wisdom of others but retain all that is unique and exciting about our school. In looking at potential MATs we were driven by a strong desire to join a locally focused MAT and one which allowed schools to preserve their different identities. In joining Minerva Learning Trust we believe we have achieved these important aims. 

The CEO of Minerva Learning Trust, Anne Quaile, is speaking to all our students in assemblies in late March. She is an inspirational educator and an advocate for all young people. She already has strong links with High Storrs School, having been a teacher and member of the leadership team here a number of years ago. Prior to taking up the role of CEO she was the Headteacher of Handsworth Grange where she oversaw significant school improvement, culminating in an Outstanding Ofsted Inspection in late 2017.  

In academising and joining a MAT it is not our intention to make major changes to any aspect of the school. We want to protect what is excellent and unique, but also draw on the experience of our CEO and colleagues across the MAT to further develop and enhance the education of all our students. If you have further questions about High Storrs and Minerva Learning Trust please do get in touch with us via our school website or email (enquiries@highstorrs.sheffield.sch.uk). 

With very best wishes,

David Mowbray, Chair of Governing Body

Claire Tasker, Headteacheer

You can access the Minerva Learning Trust website here.