We have a flexible dress code at High Storrs, which enables pupils to express their identity in an individual  way. There is no school uniform. However, school is a place of work and we expect the way in which pupils dress to be appropriate and suitable for this work environment just as it would be for other work places they may move into later on in life. In addition to this the school community is co-educational and multicultural and it is important that pupils dress in a way that will not cause offence to others. May we ask for your cooperation in ensuring the following points: 

  1. Hats are not allowed to be worn in the school building. 
  2. Clothes or accessories with spikes or chains are not suitable for school. 
  3. Bare midriffs, short skirts, flip-flops, low cut tops and vest tops are inappropriate. 
  4. Clothes with slogans which others might find offensive are not permitted in school. 
  5. Excessive jewellery, face piercings, nose rings and larger ear-rings are a health and safety issue. 
  6. Contact lenses that are not for medical condition are not permitted. 
  7. Low slung trousers are not permitted. 
  8. Underwear should not be on show 
  9. For students over the age of eighteen tattoos should not be visible. 

Some clothing is unsuitable for reasons of safety, for example high heeled shoes, inflammable materials in  laboratories and kitchens/workshops and jewellery in PE and practical lessons. Pupils need to protect themselves from the potential damage to health caused by exposure to the sun, and should keep sensibly covered in order to do so. However sunglasses should not be worn as hair or head accessories. 

Students who contravene this dress code will be offered T shirts to cover inappropriate dress. However students who refuse to co-operate and persistent offenders, will be sent home.

Compulsory PE Kit 

A compulsory PE kit is in place, that your child will need to wear in all PE lessons at High Storrs. 

  • Black High Storrs logo T-Shirt
  • Black High Storrs logo Sweatshirt/Hoody
  • Black Shorts (mid-thigh length or longer), tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings (cropped or full length)
  • Trainers
  • Black Football socks and Shinpads
  • Football boots (needed for grass based activities)
  • Black outdoor rain jacket can be worn (no fashion jackets eg. bomber, parker coats or items with fur)
  • All jewellery MUST be removed, and that cannot should be taped.
  • Hair that is shoulder length or longer needs to be tied up for safety.

If you need to purchase more PE kit you can do so at:

To continue to maintain high standards sanctions are in place for students who fail to bring the correct kit. However, if there are genuine kit issues please write a signed letter to your child's teacher and send them with an appropriate temporary replacement to engage in PE. A letter is also required for students excused due to medical/injury reasons.

Dance/Drama Kit

All pupils need suitable clothing to change into for Dance – items should be clearly named. Students must change into either tracksuit bottoms or dance trousers for Dance lessons. Socks and shoes must be removed before entering the Dance and Drama studios. Hair must be tied-back.

Please note:

  1. All articles of clothing and equipment need to be clearly marked with the owner’s name.
  2. Jewellery must not be worn in PE or Dance/Drama lessons.
  3. Valuable items must be handed in for safe keeping to the PE teacher during PE lessons whilst they can be stored safely in the student’s bag which is taken into Dance and Drama lessons with them.