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22nd August 2019

GCSE Results 2019!

The nerve-wracking wait is over and students and staff at High Storrs School have a lot to celebrate. This year everything is up at High Storrs School! It has been another wonderful year of results for High Storrs School students with the all-important attainment 8 score going up to 57.5 this year. Also up by 7% is our percentage of students achieving a grade 5 (a strong pass) in both English and Maths. This year an amazing 67% of our students achieved this! The national average in 2018 was 43% so HSS results this year are 24% higher. 82% achieved grade 4 or above in both those all-important subjects.

A key measure of success for students and schools is achieving well across a range of subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate (most commonly English, Maths, Science and History or Geography). At High Storrs, the number of students who achieved a grade 4 in all these subjects is up to 53% and the number that achieved a strong pass or higher (grade 5+) in all these subjects is nearly 40% of all students!

We are proud of our students who achieve their potential at all grades. And we also have lots of very high flyers at HSS. Nearly half of all student gained at least 3 of the highest grades – grade 7 or above! Plus, an amazing 23 students earned all grades of 7 or higher! And 13 students achieved all grade 8s and 9s in their GCSEs.

Headteacher, Claire Tasker, said “High Storrs staff have proved that schools can offer a rounded educational experience and a broad curriculum that together enable students to achieve and fly. And our wonderful students have worked so hard and done so very well. I am really proud of them all”

Claire Tasker (Head) and Andrew Walton McBain (Deputy Head)