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High Storrs Talking Tracker 

These short videos are designed to further explain our High Storrs trackers. It also explains how we use this data in school to celebrate and support our students.

Parents/Carers might find this particularly useful before Parents' Evenings and when you receive your child's Tracker.

Y9 Talking Tracker

Key Stage 3 (Y7-8)

You can view the example Tracker used in the video via the download below. You may find this useful if you don't have your child's Tracker available whilst watching this video. 

Please note, all information in the example document is fictitious and is not based on any of our pupils.

Key Stage 4 (Y10 & 11)

To help students get as much as possible out of their Trackers we have made a 'Group Chat' that is shared with all Y10 and Y11 students  in form time. We feel it is also  useful for parents and carers to be familiar with the key slides. We hope this will help with the all important conversations about what is going well and what needs to improve further.   

Please do get in touch with your child's House or our KS4 Leader for Learning and progress, Mr Bedford, if you have any questions about the latest tracker.  

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

Aristotle Philosopher

Attitude to Learning (A2L)

We believe students with great learning behaviours do well. In fact we know when we see a student with a certain attitude to their learning, a student doing the right things week in and week out, that they will succeed. This has fed into our new Attitude to Learning (A2L) grades.

There is a set for Y7 and Y8 students (‘Building Great Learning Habits’) that outline what great learning looks like in those key early years in school. A set for Y9-11 students (‘Learning Habit to Achieve’) that describe the behaviours that enable exam success, and a set for Sixth Formers (‘Learning Habits to Excel’) that will help Y12s make the transition to A Levels and Y13s achieve all they can at 18 and beyond.

You can view, download or print our comprehensive Attitude to Learning documents below.

Marking and Feedback