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Two new year sevens' experience of starting at High Storrs School

In this blog two new year sevens share their experience of starting at High Storrs School this September

Our first few weeks at High Storrs has been exciting and enjoyable with new opportunities and lessons for us to explore just around the corner. The new subjects are really interesting and there are many to discover like Classics, Computing, Food Tech and PSCHEE. Classics is our favourite so far but that’s because we’re Harry Potter nerds!

From meeting new people to making new friends, High Storrs is a school where everyone is included and supportive of each other. It’s quite easy to understand how the House system works, all year groups are split into 4 Houses Montgomery, Crucible, Lyceum and Merlin all named after theatres in Sheffield. We’re really looking forward to the inter House competitions and sports day at the EIS! The Student Support Assistants and form tutors are always happy to help you whenever you need it, they’ve made our move from Primary feel really easy.

At High Storrs you gain a stronger sense of independence as we now walk to school by ourselves and try to be on time for all our lessons, as we get used to which corridor leads to where!

What we also love about High Storrs is that we don’t have to wear any uniform!

By Lily D and Dolores W