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Mrs a Johnson - Careers  leader Y7-Y13

Mr M fahidi - Y11 careers support

Mrs R mellors - INDEPENDENT Careers Adviser, Sheffield Futures


High Storrs School provides students in Years 7 to 13 with Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). Our careers programme aims to support students to develop their academic, social and employability skills needed for lifelong success in a diverse and changing world of work. Through impartial careers guidance, we will encourage all students to have high aspirations for their careers. This guidance takes place:

• within the curriculum;

• in PSCHE (lower school) and Tutorial (Sixth Form) lessons;

• with small group or 1:1 careers interviews;

• through careers activities run in conjunction with outside agencies, such as HEPP.

We actively encourage all students to engage actively in their careers education and support parental involvement in the process.

Student Entitlement

As a student at High Storrs School, you are entitled to:

• clear advice and information about all of the options available to you;

• a programme of careers education that motivates and inspires you and enables you to make a career plan for your future;

• a careers programme that helps you to develop knowledge and skills to equip you for future careers applications;

• regular support to help you need to be successful and help you to access any additional support that you might need;

• opportunities to learn about the world of work.

Students’ career development will be supported through the provision of:

• Regular careers information and opportunities for discussion in registrations, PSCHE lessons and assemblies to help students make decisions about their futures and learn about the world of work;

• Additional careers information through guest speakers (including High Storrs Alumni), mock interviews, workshops and mentoring;

• Access to careers advisers and support. This may be individual meetings, drop-in sessions, careers days and other activities;

• Supporting for Year 8 students as they are making their GCSE options choices;

• Mentoring for every Year 11 student as they are making their Post 16 choices;

• Mentoring for every Year 12 and Year 13 student with their form tutor and other members of the Sixth Form and Careers staff teams;

• An offer of specialised SEND, EAL and Pupil Premium careers support (if relevant);

• At least 2 careers engagements with outside providers across Years 7-Y11, with a further 5+ engagements offered to Year 12 and Year 13 students;

• Careers information through available I.T based careers programmes;

• Information and updates through registration and assemblies, emails (to Year 12 and Year 13 students), on TFT plasma screens and the school’s website (in the Careers section).

Careers preparation is taught to all years within the school. Snapshots of our curriculum are:

Year 7:Introduction to pathways to the future, including activities with the Higher Education Progression Partnership

Year 8: Options choice for Key Stage 4 course form a large part of the curriculum. A look at careers and jobs through interactions with employers, including a ‘What’s My Line’ Event where students speak to employees about their jobs and the qualifications needed

Year 9:Further work form HEPP and Options choice. Introduction to using the Kudos Careers programme.

Year 10:More detailed information is given about the choices Post 16, including Sixth Form, College and Apprenticeships. There is a Year 10 Careers Day in the summer term.

Year 11:Sixth Form, College and apprenticeships options are explored through PSCHEE, along with the application forms, CV writing and interview skills. Sheffield Futures provides impartial careers interviews for students, either 1:1 in small groups. Students are encouraged to use the Kudos programme and attend Open Evenings.

Throughout the Y7-Y11 PSHCEE Programme key skills are address that are important to students’ futures, such as financial education.

Year 12 & Year 13: Careers support in Sixth Form focuses on the full range of options available to students Post 18. All students sign up to one or more ‘Careers Pathways’, through which they will receive targeted enrichment and work experience opportunities, at least one engagement with a relevant outside provider, and advice and support on how to prepare for a career in that field.

More widely, all students are invited to a range of development events including STEM workshops, university talks (both in and out of school), performing arts workshops and alumni talks. At the end of Year 12, all students attend a ‘Preparation for Higher Education’ at Sheffield Hallam University and an in-school careers day, which includes an apprenticeship information session and tailored support for Oxbridge university applicants.

A range of opportunities are provided in Sixth Form to develop work experience skills, such as a leadership development and social action projects. Additional knowledge and skills are taught through our Tutorial programme.

Miss L Mason, Assistant Headteacher, Mrs A Johnson Careers Leader and Mr M Fahidi Y11 Careers Support


Y11 students are invited to attend a Careers Interview between September and January. They will attend at least one of the types of interview below:

  • An individual careers guidance interview lasting 30/40 minutes (parents are invited to attend)  
  • An individual careers discussion lasting 15 minutes  
  • A careers discussion with 4-6 other students  

For those students receiving an individual interview, an Individual Development Plan will will be drawn up and given to the students to take home. Copies are given to the Form Tutor and Head of House. These will be reviewed as necessary. 

Those students who intend to stay on into the Sixth Form for A Levels or similar level courses (either at High Storrs or another setting) will have a short individual careers discussion in November-January, or a careers discussion with 8-10 other students. Some of these students will also have a 30/40 minute interview, depending on individual needs.

Some students will have further contact arranged with Careers staff to check their plans, especially if they intend to leave High Storrs.


Sheffield Progress is an online application system which is now being used by all Y11 students and is available to accept applications from November 2019.

School will issue each student with a unique username and password to enable them to log on to the website and make online applications. These passwords are issued in late October/early November. 

The website includes an online prospectus which enables students and parents/carers to view opportunities in Sixth Forms, colleges and work-based learning in and around Sheffield. There is a search facility which students can use to find appropriate learning opportunities.  

All applications are made through this single system, rather than completing separate application forms.  

The website can be accessed from any internet enabled computer, so you will be able to view the Post-16 options available and parents/carers can support students with their choices and applications. 

The internal High Storrs Sheffield Progress deadline is Wednesday 15th January 2020. 


Please see the Sixth Form section of the website for more information about Post-18 Careers Guidance.


High Storrs is fully embracing the eight new Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers Education

More information can be found here: http://www.gatsby.org.uk/education/focus-areas/good-career-guidance

1. A Stable Careers Programme

  • Careers Education themes are within the PSHCEE Programme and other areas. 
  • The programme also includes time and experiences in the curriculum. 
  • We regularly evaluate the programme and this feeds into future events. 
  • There are drop down events, such as What’s My Line and Careers talks 

2. Learning from Career and Labour Market Information

  • We ensure every student has access to good quality information about future study options and the labour market. 
  • Parents are encouraged in events to learn more and there are links on this website. 
  • Careers Talks from Alumni and through our Enterprise Adviser 

3. Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil

  • Students have different career guidance at different stages. 
  • The support is tailored and diverse. 
  • Each student has the support of our Careers Adviser from Sheffield Futures. 
  • All students will have an Individual Action Plan 
  • The school’s Careers Co-ordinator will also follow up on students 

4. Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

  • Teachers are encouraged to link curriculum with Careers.

5. Encounters with Employers and Employees

  • Every student has multiple opportunities to from employers about work, employment and the skills in the work place. 
  • We have visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes, such as the Big Challenge. 
  • We work with our Enterprise Adviser.

6. Experience of Workplaces

  • Students can find work experience in the holidays. 
  • In addition, the school is looking into offers to visit workplaces form some of our Enterprise partners.

7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education

  • There are assemblies and PSHCEE presentations on Apprenticeships.
  • Following a relaunch of HEPP we are planning to enable students get meaningful encounters with providers of the full range of High Education learning opportunities.

8. Personal Guidance

  • Every student has access to the Careers Adviser from Sheffield Futures and further advice and guidance is always available.

The school works with a number of Business, FE and HE partners. These support a number of additional opportunities for students to gain relevant careers guidance. We have built and maintained these close relationships for a good few years. This enables the school to give impartial and independent advice from a number of sources.

The school is currently undertaking an audit of Careers Education and Guidance to see how we can build on current good practice and make improvements.


Careers Guidance and Access for Education and Training Providers

At High Storrs, we are committed to providing a wide-ranging, impartial careers offer to our students. This includes information about the full range of learning and training pathways on offer and we are therefore happy to consider requests from training, apprenticeship and vocational education providers to speak to our students.

A provider wishing to request access should contact Mrs Alison Johnson, Careers Leader, by email: a.johnson@highstorrs.sheffield.sch.uk, with at least 6 weeks’ notice.

Please contact us to identify the most suitable opportunity for you. The school policies on safeguarding and visitors sets out the school’s approach to allowing providers into school as visitors to talk to our students. These can be found on the school website.

The school will endeavour to make the school hall, classrooms or other spaces available, as appropriate to the activity. The school can also make available ICT access, projectors and other specialist equipment to support provider presentations. This will all be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit with the Careers Leader.

Please be aware that all requests will be considered on the basis of staffing availability to support the activity, the school calendar and rooming availability to host the activity.

Mrs A Johnson, Careers Leader


In School: Mrs Johnson, Mr Fahidi and Mrs Mellors are available to support students as required.  There is also a lunchtime clinic in the Careers Office (AU4) on Mondays and Tuesdays with Mrs Mellors.

Sheffield Futures: Confidential 1:1 appointment (telephone 01142012800) at Star House, 43 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GE.

Careers Helpline: A National 24-hour confidential helpline is now in operation. The local information line is 0800 652 9900. 

Please also see the recommended websites below.