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Community Hire

Community is at the heart of High Storrs School, which is why we encourage local community groups to hire our many and varied spaces.


We are a large and newly refurbished school, with an impressive art deco feel in the old building; and a smart and modern feel to the new buildings.

Community hire at High Storrs has been widely used in the past few years by many groups from Zumba classes to Yoga, and Orchestra rehearsals to Fencing. Whatever your group is, we’ll have the right space to accommodate your practice, rehearsals, performances and classes.

The school also has ample on-site parking and connections with bus routes.

Community hire spaces are available to hire most evenings and weekends. Furthermore, the rooms are available during the day in school holidays. We welcome one-off hires or regular bookings.


The Main Hall

Unquestionably our most impressive space in High Storrs. The Main Hall is located in the old building a few steps away from the main reception.

The original 1930s features of the Main Hall have recently been refurbished to a very high standard. The floor is parquet wood and the windows all have curtains which can be opened and closed.

15.5m X 22.7m in size, and with a maximum capacity of 300, as well as projection and sound equipment, the Main Hall is perfect for conferences, presentations, performances and large meetings.

The layout of the space can be changed to suit your needs, and there is the added advantage of the beautiful 1930s proscenium stage is equipped with draw back curtains, white or black backdrop and stage lighting. It can be accessed by stairs either side both forward of the proscenium or via anterooms backstage. The stage itself measure 7.8m x 5.3m

The Main Hall

Smaller Halls

Either side of our main hall are two identical smaller halls. More modest in size and visual impact, the smaller halls are ideal for medium sized meetings and conferences.

The floor is parquet wood and the windows all have curtains which can be opened and closed.

Both rooms are 7.9m X 20.4m in size, with a maximum capacity of 100 and access to up to 15 sicco tables.


Perfect for smaller groups or classes up to 30, and benefitting from modern technology such as interactive white boards; our classrooms are newly refurbished and are perfect for a variety of needs.

In the old part of the school, we have more traditional classrooms in a variety of sizes and capacities.

  1. Small – 5.6m x 5.7m with a capacity for 28 chairs and 14 double desks
  2. Medium – 7.6m x 5.8m with a capacity for 32 chairs and 16 double desks
  3. Large – 8.4m x 7.0m with a capacity for 32 chairs and 16 double desks.

There are numerous specialist classrooms in the new part of the school including:

  • Computing Classrooms – a number of rooms with varying sizes, accomodating up to 32.
  • Art Classrooms – specialist rooms with large desks and plenty of natural light
  • Design & Technology Classrooms – a number of connected rooms with flexible layout and specialist equipment

Standard Medium Classroom

Dance Studios

We have 2 Dance Studios at High Storrs. The larger dance studio is 11.3m X 8.5m and the smaller is 6.8m X 8.5m. Both rooms have floor to ceiling mirrors on one long wall, as well as wooden floorboards, ballet bars, interactive whiteboards and up to date music systems with Aux In, CD drive and Apple ‘4 prong’ docking. We also have full stage lighting equipment which means the dance studios can be used for performance spaces as well as rehearsals.

These rooms are ideal for dance classed, Zumba, Yoga and other similar activities and have access to changing rooms.

Drama Studios

We have 2 Drama Studios located in the new building at High Storrs. The larger studio benefits from a fold away wall which opens the studio out on to the breakout space allowing for a larger performance space and raked seating area. The smaller studio self-contained. Both rooms benefit from blackout curtains, ciclorama curtains, theatrical sound and lighting equipment.

The large studio is 10.3m x 7.4m with the adjoining breakout space measuring 9.5m x 7.5m. The smaller studio measures 9.2m x 9.1m.

Music Rooms

The Music classrooms are situated in the new building and benefit from panoramic views over the school fields and leafy green suburbs to the Peak District. We have three large practical classrooms, one of which benefits from NUMBER of computers with music technology software (Sibelius, Reason and Reaper). There are also 5 small practice rooms and a recording studio.

  • NU1 – 8.3m x 7.3m – Piano, Keyboards, Drums, IWB, CD/MP3/iPod player
  • NU2 – 6.2m x 9.0m – Piano, Keyboards, IWB, CD/MP3/iPod player
  • NU3 – 7.0m x 7.2m – Piano, Keyboards, Drums, IWB, CD/MP3/iPod player
  • NUF2 – 3.5m x 4.0m – Piano, Keyboard, Drums
  • NUF3 – 3.5m x 3.0m – Piano, Keyboard, Drums
  • NUF4 – 3.3m x 2.1m – Piano, Drums
  • NUF5 – 4.4m x 2.5m – Piano
  • NUF6 – 6.0m x 2.5m – Keyboard
  • NUF7 & 8 – 3.5m x 4.5m (performing room) adjoined by 5.2m x 3.4m studio room

Food Technology

We have two large food technology classrooms located in the old building. They are both fitted with modern equipment. The rooms have a capacity of approximately 25. Each room has a microwave, 11 gas hobs and 10 electric ovens.

ICT Suites

There are 4 specialist ICT suites. Each is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard, a printer and 32 PCs (NU5 has 31 PCs). All computers are installed with Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe CS5 and other specialist software.

Other uses

We are a large school with a variety of rooms and spaces, so if you can’t find the space you’re looking for listed here, please get in touch and we’ll be able to make a suggestion.


If you want to enquire about any of our facilities and spaces please go to our contact page and fill in the form provided.

For further information regarding our terms and conditions, please see the document below.

We would like to comment on the helpful and flexible caretaking staff and we find the car parking a bonus – especially when transporting big instruments.

Hallam Sinfonia

High Storrs School provided a range of different interior and exterior locations for a recent ‘Day in the life’ documentary we were filming. The locations used included classrooms, kitchens, corridors and office space and both the variety of rooms (in terms of age and style) provided a wonderful contrast in environments along with mixing new and old seamlessly. The staff and students also contributed massively to the project and gave us full access to the lessons and the locations along with being incredibly helpful and diligent in their approach to working with us. I would therefore not hesitate in engaging High Storrs in any further filming requirements we have in an educational context as both the location, staff and students were simply wonderful to work with.

Green Pea Marketing

Our families and young musicians have very much enjoyed using the excellent facilities at High Storrs School. 2014 marks our third year of rehearsing and teaching at the school, and the facilities meet our needs for the variety of groups we have there.

Sheffield Music Hub