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Keeping our Alumni involved in day-to-day school life and events in school is very important to us. We firmly believe that seeing, meeting and interacting with High Storrians can have a very positive and inspirational impact on our students.

There are always opportunities to get involved and come back to school, and what you see below is only what's happening now. We are open to suggestions, so if you've got an idea of how you feel you could contribute to High Storrs, then please get in touch.

Alumni Career/Aspirational Talks

Do you want to talk to High Storrs students about your career, how you got there and any tips for getting into vocational jobs? We are always interested in hearing from people and will be planning a range of talks sessions throughout the year, so get in touch!

Life Skills/PSHCEE lessons

We are hoping to start inviting our Alumni to come into our lower school PSHCEE lessons. We are looking for Alumni from varied backgrounds who have something interesting to say to our young people. Maybe you've made huge changes in your life, changed careers, improved yourself, found that money doesn't buy happiness and so on...? Perhaps you've found happiness in an unlikely place, discovering that you're happy in a job that doesn't pay well? Maybe you were always in trouble at school, but changed your life for the better and are now successful and happy.
Now's the chance to prove to school that you did make a success of your life, or show the teachers you're in a "wow" job we'd never expect you to get to?

We're also looking for people who are in non-gender stereotypical jobs who would be interested in proving to our younger students that not all dancers are female; not all bus drivers are male and not all nurses are female.

Mentoring & Interview Practice

If you're local to school and are keen to give back in a meaningful way, we are starting to look at how we can run a mentoring and interview practice programme. Get in touch if you're interested and we'll send more ifnromation your way.

If you'd like to get involved in any way with your old school, then please send us a message and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.

This wonderful book 'High Storrs School - A Journey' detailing the history of High Storrs School is for sale from the school for just £2 plus postage. A bargain! If you'd like a copy, just get in touch via our contact form.

We are selling this image as a print in a variety of sizes. If you'd be interested in purchasing one, please get in touch via our contact form.

Volunteers needed to plant over 120 trees on the grounds as part of the @WoodlandTrust trees for Schools programme, we have been given 4 tennis courts of native trees to plant in our beautiful grounds. Plus 17 ornamental cherry trees from the PTA. Register ticketsource.co.uk/high-storrs-sc… pic.twitter.com/RiiP4xXn77
This week was our Y12 Alumni Talks: an inspirational key note speech and smaller group sessions with alumni talking about their specific career areas. The alumni enjoyed a day back at school, school dinners, tour of the school and a chance to inspire our students. @highstorrs pic.twitter.com/m0oCXVMBKl
Have you booked your tickets for the Homecoming?
For the purposes of getting the catering and welcome drink sorted, it would really help to know how many are coming. We’d hate to run out of lovely afternoon tea and fizz! ticketsource.co.uk/high-storrs-sc… facebook.com/events/2712170… pic.twitter.com/swJVUNrcru