Welcome to our Sixth Form

Our Sixth form is “outstanding”. That’s not just our opinion – it’s the official judgement from Ofsted (November 2013). High Storrs is committed to providing the highest standard of education and a positive and exciting learning environment for all students.

Our students have a learning environment which is second to none, including new sports facilities, drama and dance studios, and new sixth form areas, as well as a new Learning Resource Centre, among others. It is the perfect environment to deepen your study of subjects you studied at GCSE or to embark upon new subjects. 

The Sixth Form has a uniquely supportive ethos. Students are stretched and challenged, but in a positive way, catering for individual needs and abilities. We believe that every student can and should experience success. We always involve parents if concerns arise or special praise is deserved.

But there is much more to Sixth Form life than academic achievement. Students enjoy all the opportunities of a well-resourced school, with a full package of extra-curricular activities.

We help prepare students for higher education, employment or further training, so they can play a full and responsible role in the community. Our committed and talented staff do all that we can to develop high aspirations.

We work closely with parents – we look forward to a long and productive partnership.

Claire Tasker


A Different Style of Learning

The approach to learning is very different in the Sixth Form. You have made a positive choice to continue your studies in a Sixth Form setting, and as a result you are more self-motivated, studying subjects in which you have a real interest.

To ensure a smooth transition into the Sixth Form, students discuss their options with staff before experiencing a preliminary "taster" course in July. Throughout your time at High Storrs you are encouraged to seek the help of Form Tutors and Sixth Form staff, particularly in the early weeks when things can seem very different and new. We want you to succeed and reach your potential - we will support and help you to achieve this.

We offer you the opportunity to study in a hardworking, academic environment. You will be taught by qualified and experienced teachers who understand the demands of Sixth Form study and supported by our dedicated Sixth Form team. The majority of our own Year 11 students stay on in the Sixth Form and we welcome students from schools from all over Sheffield and beyond - adding a much valued new dimension.


The South West Learning Partnership (SWLP) facilitates Sixth Form collaboration between High Storrs, King Ecgbert and Silverdale, three of the Sheffield Sixth Form Schools.

The partnership enables students to 'Guest' between schools offering a range of subjects to allow wider curriculum choice.

How will this benefit students?

  • It allows minority subjects, such as languages, classics, music and some technology to be offered in viable group sizes
  • It allows schools to maintain their specialisms and for students to gain from the facilities associated with them
  • It allows students to benefit from excellence in teaching and shared best practice

How does it work for students?

All three schools have the same timetable blocking arrangements. Students choose subjects they wish to study at their Main School. If a subject is not available at the Main School students can resolve this by 'Guesting' within the SWLP.

Following application to a Main SWLP Sixth Form, students wishing to 'Guest' must complete a SWLP Guest Application Form and submit to their Main Sixth Form for approval.

In instances where subject numbers in Y13 are no longer viable students will be able to continue their study at one of the other schools.

Transport between the three sites is provided at Lunchtime and all report, progress reviews, monitoring and references will be shared.

Our Sixth form is “outstanding”. That’s not just our opinion – it’s the official judgement from Ofsted (November 2013)

Claire Tasker Headteacher


Our 2017-18 Head Boy and Girl Team is as follows:

Head Boy - Leo

Head Girl - Anya

Deputies - Maisie, Jem, Adam and Elisha.

Congratulations to all A Level students who collected results yesterday!
Good luck to GCSE students who’ll be collecting results next week!
The day has finally arrived, good luck and congratulations to all our Sixth Formers receiving their results today!