6th February 2018


Fran Lee

Well, we have finally got a shed!

The PTA very kindly donated the money to buy one so it is, at this moment, waiting to be erected. Until now we’ve been unable to assemble it as we were without a base… but after putting a request for decking or pallets on Facebook, an ex-pupil has come forward and is very kindly going to donate enough plastic decking for the whole base - which is brilliant! Once the shed is up we will have storage space so we will be able to buy tools with the grant given to the project by the Ernest Cook trust.

Our compost bin is well on its way with the waste collected from the school kitchen each day.

We have been hampered by the weather a bit, but we made wreaths and table decorations at Christmas with branches, moss, leaves etc. and recycled materials. We also managed to plant a variety of flowering bulbs.

We still need 100s of plastic 2 ltr bottles to build our greenhouse. Donations come in every week but we have a long way to go before we reach our target of 1,500 so if you have any we would be very grateful, we are collecting them in Learning Support.

We are planning on doing a variety of projects involving bricks, breeze blocks and wood so if you have anything that might be of use to us please get in touch with me – Fran Lee 0114 2670000 ex4 f.lee@highstorrs.sheffield.sch.uk