10th January 2018

MyEd App Launch for Parents

Rae Helm, Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator

We are about the launch the new High Storrs School MyEd app to parents, available to download to all Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. This will allow parents to access up to date information about school communications, school calendar dates and access to other school news and blogs. As well as up to date student information about their child, including attendance, timetables, rewards and commendations and online access to student tracker reports.

High Storrs will use the app to allow parents to give online permission for trips and visits, and there will be a direct link to the Parent Pay website to allow for payment for school trips and events.

It will also be possible for parents to inform school of pupil absence directly through the app, without having to phone school.

We are expecting to launch on Friday 12th January 2018.

Use this link from Friday on your smartphone or tablet to download the AppAlternatively, click on the Parent Portal link at the bottom of the homepage when using your smartphone or tablet.

Please note, registration requires that your mobile phone and email address used to access this app is the same information that is held in our school records. If you have any difficulties accessing the app, please contact Mr Headleand in our data office on M.Headleand@highstorrs.sheffield.sch.uk

Step 1: Go to https://www.myedschoolapp.com/get by clicking the Parent Portal link, scanning the QR code above or visit Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for ‘MyEd’).

Step 2: Download the app onto your smartphone or tablet and open it.

Step 3: Under 'Search School', enter ‘High Storrs’ in the box and tap on search.

Step 4: Tap on the option for High Storrs when it shows.

Step 5: Fill in the three boxes (Full Name, Mobile Number and Email address). These must be the same details as held by High Storrs to link your account. Once these are entered, tap on ‘Link Account’. You will now be sent a security code by text message.

Step 6: Enter your security code in the left hand box and then tap on the ‘Create Account’ link (this is not case sensitive).