27th December 2017

High Storrs, a view from the 90's

Eve Worthington - Alumna

I left High Storrs back in 1998 before heading to Leeds Metropolitan University (now known as Leeds Beckett) to complete a Public Relations degree.

Since the, I have started my own PR company, Sidekick PR. I love the variety that the PR industry provide, especially working in an agency. You have to be an expert in a range of different topics depending on who your clients are. It's definitely something different every day! Having my own company has also made a big difference to my life as I am in control of what I do and when, so that make my work/life balance easier to manage.

High Storrs is where I met my husband, and we now have three girls. My husband and I are both still in touch with a number of our friends from our school days. One of my favourite memories of High Storrs is the A Level Geography field trip to Scarborough, it was a lot of fun. I had a really enjoyable time at school and look back fondly  on all my time there. My favourite teacher was Mr Thompson (Geography), he had such a dry sense of humour. Oh, and Mr Cartwright (PE) who lived next door to me growing up. I also learnt a lot from Miss Higgins in English. I did love Geography, I was quite good at it and just enjoyed the subject. I was in Sm8Py, I can't remember the number of the room but I would still be able to pick it out.

My one piece of advice for current students would be that if you are thinking of doing a degree, go for a course where there is likely to be an obvious job at the end. I don't know why I chose PR really, but I'm grateful I did because it was so specific and therefore I knew the kind of jobs I would be applying for after I left university.

If I could come back to school for one day I would really hope it was snowing... make my way in, squeeze in a Geography lesson and a cheese croquette in the canteen before being sent home... making our way back across the field whilst having a snowball fight!