26th May 2017

A Note to Year 11

Mrs O'Connor

A Note to Year 11

We’ve almost come to the end of another academic year and it is tiem for us all to reflect on your journey at High Storrs. It has been wonderful watching you blossom from Year 7 into mature young adults ready to take your next steps.

We enjoyed the Y11 Celebration Assembly and the wonderful Prom, but now is the time for you to focus on your exams and look to the future. To fulfil your potential take heed of your teachers’ advice, attend revision lessons, do wider reading and ensure that you look after yourselves at this critical time.

Whether you are leaving High Storrs or staying on, we hope that you make the best of your abilities. Take your opportunities, look for the path where your abundant skills will make you a success. The one key bond is that you all went to High Storrs School. Be proud of this and continue to be great advocates of your school in the years to come. 

Good luck Class of 2017!