Forms & Houses

Students at High Storrs are organised into four houses, each comprising students in groups from Year 7 to Year 11. This provides ‘a community within a community’, as each House contains only 300 students, and makes it possible for students to get to know and support each other, regardless of their age. We have been following this system since 2008 and it has proved to be highly successful.

The advantages of the Houses System:

It provides our students with continuity, as they are able to stay with the same tutor for all five years, who will support them throughout their educational, social and personal development.

Assemblies are run on a House basis, and older students who receive prizes and awards act as role models for younger students, helping raise aspirations.

A mentoring scheme is also in place, with older students supporting the younger ones.

Even when students move up to Sixth Form, there is still a scheme in place to provide Sixth Form liaison teams for the younger students.


Head of House: Mrs L Chenery, Student Support: Mrs M Lomas


  • Cr01 Mrs T Gibbs
  • Cr02 Ms R Leigh
  • Cr03 Mr B Kelly
  • Cr04 Ms L Fell
  • Cr05 Ms L Broughton
  • Cr06 Dr Z Bellamy
  • Cr07 Mrs L Richards-Gourves
  • Cr08 Mrs N Manaton
  • Cr09 Mr R Parker
  • Cr10 Ms D Higginbottom


Head of House: Mrs K Dobson, Student Support: Mrs A Osborne


  • Ly01 Mr J Lockwood
  • Ly02 Miss E Young
  • Ly03 Mr M Akram
  • Ly04 Miss C Diskin
  • Ly05 Mr L Hughes
  • Ly06 Ms F Glew
  • Ly07 Ms S Kamil
  • Ly08 Mr M Davies
  • Ly09 Mr G Scrupps
  • Ly10 Mrs E Hetherington


Head of House: Mr I O'Connor, Student Support: Mrs M Stephens


  • Me01 Mr B Haigh
  • Me02 Mr M Joy
  • Me03 Mr E Padmore
  • Me04 Mr M Evans
  • Me05 Miss L Brown 
  • Me06 Mr S Selby
  • Me07 Mr N Mallaband
  • Me08 Ms R Croome
  • Me09 Mr D Vickers
  • Me10 Mrs L Rzepinski


Head of House: Ms S Tiffin, Student Support: Ms J Jilani


  • Mo01 Mr J Doran
  • Mo02 Miss N Baker
  • Mo03 Ms J Armitage
  • Mo04 Mr M Bennehan
  • Mo05 Miss C Mulrennan
  • Mo06 Mr M Hutchinson
  • Mo07 Mr B Wells
  • Mo08 Mr B Lowe
  • Mo09 Mr P Russell
  • Mo10 Miss C Ferrier