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Sixth Form Entry

Sixth Form Prospectus (703KB)
Uploaded on 15/12/2016
  • Students at Sheffield Local Authority schools (including High Storrs), please complete an application on ‘UCAS Progress’
  • Students at an independent school or from a school outside of Sheffield, please complete the Common Application Form (CAF), available as a download below, and return this to Sheffield City Council, not school.
  • Students applying for a guest subject, please complete the Guest Application, available as a download below. Please note you can only apply for a guest subject that is not offered at your main school, or if there is a clash. If your main school offers all your subjects, then you must take them at your main school. You must check the entrance requirements for subjects at guest schools carefully. For more information about the South West Learning Partnership (SWLP) please click the link in the menu above.
  • Students are advised to select at least 4 subjects (1 from each block), event though they may eventually only start 3 of these. You must list your subject choices in preferential order.


For Y12 and Y13 subjects, you must select a subject from each of the blocks, which are available to download below. The blocks are colour coded to help you select subjects.

Choose 1 subject from each block. You are advised to choose 4 subjects even though you may eventually only study 3 subjects.

For example, you could select:
  • Blue: Biology
  • Red: English Language
  • Green: Theatre Studies
  • Yellow: Economics B

The 2017-18 High Storrs Blocks and South West Learning Partnership Blocks

Download the PDF documents below
High Storrs Y12 Option Blocks 2017-18 (225KB)
updated 10/05/2017
The blocks may change to meet significant subject demand. If your subjects choices do not fit the blocks or if changes to the blocks impact your subject choices we will contact you promptly.

Students may apply to be a Guest Student at either Silverdale or King Ecgbert as part of the South West Learning Partnership (SWLP) if a subject is either not offered at High Storrs or there is a clash. Within the SWLP we guarantee that students who start Y12 subjects will always be able to complete their course, however this may be at one of the other schools. Students MUST meet their Main School entrance requirements. More information regarding the SWLP is available via the menu at the left side of this page.

All students who enrol onto courses in September 2017 will be expected to show the required application to their course and to attend regularly. Support will be available from Subject Teachers and Form Tutors at all times, it is the responsibility of students to access and utilise this support. During the initial weeks, students will be monitored closely and if teachers indicate that students are not suitable for their chosen course they will be advised not to continue that course at High Storrs School.

SWLP Guest Application Form 2017 (234KB)
updated 10/05/2017
  • Tuesday 31st January 2017 Initial closing date for applications to Sixth Form on 'UCAS Progress'
  • Friday 24th February 2017 Offers made to external applicants by letter or UCAS Progress
  • Saturday 11th March 2017 Deadline for accepting offers for admission to Sixth Form September 2017. Note - It is important that all students meet the deadline for accepting or rejecting offers.
  • Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July 2017 High Storrs Sixth Form Preliminary Course
  • Thursday 24th August and Friday 25th August 2017 Sixth Form Enrolment 2017
  • Monday 4th September 2017 First day of term (to be confirmed)

We expect our Sixth Form students to show a genuine desire to continue in education. In order to be successful on a course of study we require students to have passed a minimum of 5 a*-C / Grade 4 at GCSE. This must include at least a Grade 4 in English Language and a sound background for their chosen course.

If you are a student applying with GCSEs achieved before 2017 you must have English Language at Grade C or above.

Please check additional individual subject requirements that may apply, carefully below.
A minimum of 5 A*-C / Grade 4 GCSEs. This MUST include at lease a Grade 4 in English Language, plus individual requirements:

Good GCSE grades in English and Mathematics are important for progression into many further courses and careers. Any student studying A Level courses who has not gained a Grade 4 or better in Mathematics will be required to attend lessons to prepare for a Maths re-sit examination.

In High Storrs School students are expected to pay for all examinations which they re-sit. We only offer a GCSE re-sit in Mathematics.


All subjects will be 'Linear' in their assessment in September 2017. This means that all examinations for the full A Level will be taken at the end of the two year course.

The full A Level will assess content from both years of the course and will be examined in June of the second year of study. Some Students MAY be entered for the exam in June in the first year of study leading to the AS award.

Please note that subject syllabus content in some subjects is still subject to review. Subject specification information will be updated on the school website when the details of courses are finalised. Students are advised to check regularly for updated information.
Linear A Levels: Guidance Information (15KB)
uploaded 27/03/17