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South West Learning Partnership

The South West Learning Partnership facilitates Post 16 Collaboration between High Storrs, King Ecgbert and Silverdale, three of the Sheffield sixth form schools with a history of previous curriculum links.

Traditionally, there been ‘guest’ students from all three schools across a range of subjects to allow wider curriculum choice.

In the last 12 months there have been moves to strengthen these links by further co-operation and developments.  The partnership is committed to strategically managing change in Post Sixteen provision in a manner which emphasises commonality and excellence rather than difference.

How will this benefit students?

  • It allows minority subjects such as languages, classics, music and some technology to be offered in viable group sizes.
  • It allows schools to maintain their specialisms and for students to gain from the facilities associated with them.
  • It allows students to benefit from excellence in teaching and shared best practice.

How does it work for students?

All three schools have the same timetable blocking arrangements. Students choose subjects they want to do at their main school. If subject choices do not fit the curriculum blocks, are not offered or clash, this can be resolved by “guesting” within the partnership. To apply to ‘guest’ at a partnership school, the student must complete a SWLP Guest Application Form and submit to their main sixth form for approval.

In instances where subject numbers in Y13 are no longer viable students will be able to continue their study at one of the other schools.

Transport between the three sites is provided at lunch time.

All reports, progress reviews, monitoring and references will be shared.

Parents will be given access to the management information systems of the relevant schools to aid communication.