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Student Voice and School Council

Student Voice and School Council

The Process:

Form Meetings, chaired by Form Representatives are held which allows ALL students to be involved in discussions.

House Meetings with all the Form Representatives are chaired by House Captains to discuss points that have been raised in Form Meetings.

School Council Meeting are chaired by Head Boy and Girl (Sixth Formers) with all House Captains and the rest of the Head Team present to discuss issues brought forward from the four House Meetings.

Minutes and Proposals from the School Council Meeting are passed to the Senior Leadership Team and discussed with School Council members present.

Feedback and decisions made by Senior Leadership Team are shared with ALL students via the Student Voice page on School Website and through dissemination via Heads of House and Form Tutors.

Any matters arising are passed to Student Voice Coordinator by Head of House, House Captains and/or Head Team.

 This 4 – 6 week cycle takes place once each term.


School Council Meetings:

Monday 25th April 2016 3-4.30pm

Agenda for Next Meeting:

  1. Matters arising from last meeting
  2. Lunchtime activities
  3. Student Toilets
  4. Standard Dress
  5. Fundraising – further ideas?
  6. AOB

Meeting Minutes:

February 1st 2016