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High Storrs Vision – Unlocking Potential

High Storrs is a school that has the respect of the city and beyond because it unlocks five key elements which enable students to achieve their potential:


Key 1: Excellent Citizenship.

Our students and staff are cared for, respected and encouraged to experience a sense of belonging. This nurture enables them to become resilient, reflective, creative team players with the confidence to improve society.


Key 2: High Achievement and Progress for all students.

This is secured through outstanding teaching, celebration of achievement and developing self-confidence and independence.


Key 3: Creativity, Leadership & Accountability.

Staff and Governors understand their leadership role and deliver creative learning consistently well. This is developed through the school’s relentless belief in high quality training and systems which promote accountability and leadership opportunities for staff and students.


Key 4: A Learning School Community.

The school is responsive to its own needs and the needs of other professionals and schools through its impact within the network of teaching schools.


Key 5: Making a Difference through Excellence.

Our consistent sense of purpose and ambition are underpinned by a belief that we can make a difference for students through improvement and the pursuit of excellence in partnership with parents.