ICT (13)

Safeguarding and eSafety


If you need to report an e-safety incident to the Police please click on the button below: Click the image below to visit the NSPCC Share Aware Website for some fantastic information about eSafety and Social Media
ceopreport lfadm-nspcc-share-aware-558x234


ChildLine can be contacted on 0800 1111 or click on the link below to access their website Click below to access the NSPCC website

Below are links to various documents, information and websites regarding safeguarding and eSafety. Should you have any further queries regarding these or anything to do with Safeguarding and eSafety, please contact Claire Pender at the school.



Visiting Professionals
Restraint & Physical Contact
Photographs Videos & Other Images
Child Protection
Parental Responsibility
New Staff Governors & Volunteers
Information Sharing & Confidentiality
Governing Body Safeguarding Role
First Aid & Medicines
Child Protection Liaison Teacher Officer Role
A Good Practice Guide to Safeguarding in Education
Child Sexual Exploitation
Twitter – For Parents
Safe Online
Net Aware
Esafety in PHSCEE
Safety pitch

YHGFL Parental advice on Facebook

Parent Guide
Parent Tech Briefing Blackberry
Parent Tech Briefing iPad
Parent Tech Briefing iPhone
Parent Tech Briefing iPod Touch
Parent Tech Briefing Nintendo devices
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ESafety including Web safe browsing and filtering software   for parents
Twitter Esafety
Anti bullying alliance ten top tips for cyberbullying
Conversation Starters for Parents
Facebook Checklist
Information & Online Resources
Online gaming Parents Guide to Dealing with Sexting
Sexting Booklet
Smartphones Shoppers Checklist
Tips for safer surfing
Bullying on social networks
Beat Bullying tips
BBC Safe Surfing tips
Urdu – Supporting young people online
Supporting young people online
Arabic – Supporting young people online
Police Online Guide
Learn how to protect your child online
eSafeguarding Snapchat Guide
eSafeguarding Instagram Guide
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Nude Selfies Parents Guide