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Sports Day Initial Letter June 2016 (added 09/06/16)

Sports Day Programme June 2016 (added 09/06/16)

Y8 A4 Sketchbook letters 2016 to 2017 (added 27/05/16)

Y10 Exam Equipment Letter (added 20/05/16)

Y11 Exam Equipment Letter (added 20/05/16)

Y7 End of Year Test Letter (added 20/05/16)

KS4 Science Pathways (added 10/05/16)

Ian Gage Retirement 130416 (added 15/04/16)

Y11 Attendance and Intervention Letter 2016 (added 07/04/16)


Sixth Form:

nothing at this time

Archive of Correspondence (Sept 15 – Mar 15):

Summer School Invite (added 18/03/16)
Y11 Leavers Assembly and Prom (added 17/03/16)
Higher Education Evening and Y12 Study Leave 2016 (added 10/03/16)
Y7 Science End of Term Test (added 26/02/16)
Y8 Science End of Term Test (added 26/02/16)
Election of parent Governor February 2016 (added 04/02/16)
Y11 Class of 2016 T Shirts and Yearbook (added 02/02/16)
SHS Careers Evening (added 02/02/16)
MLE New Letter (added 02/02/16)
Election of Parent Governor Jan 2016 (added 19/01/16)
KS4 Trial Exams Revision (added 19/01/16)
Y8 Options Evening (Jan 25 2016) Booklet (added 15/01/16)
Y8 Options Support Evening (Feb 18 2016) Invite (added 15/01/16)
Y9 Science Pre GCSE (added 15/01/16)
Y7-9 eSafety Evening (added 15/01/16)
Y8 Parents Evening Letter (added 07/01/16)
Y8 Options Letter (added 07/01/16)
Y9 Parents Evening Letter (added 11/12/15)
Y7 Parents’ Evening Letter (added 25/11/15)
Y13 & Y14 Parents’ Evening Letter (added 20/11/15)
Y8 End of Topic Test Letter (added 19/11/15)
Y7 End of Topic Science Test (added 16/11/15)
Y12 Parents’ Evening Letter  (added 10/11/15)
Y11 Yearbook Permissions (added 16/10/15)
Year 8 Science pathways (added 13/10/15)

Biometrics Information (Cashless Catering):

Biometrics Information
Biometrics FAQs Parents attachment May 2013
Cashless Catering Biometrics Opt In Letter

The PE department kit supplier is Branded Uniform,  their website is


Dangers of novelty laser products
FFT Explained
Letter re Exceptional Leave Policy (added 27/03/15)

Exceptional Leave During Term

Holidays in Term Time Flyer