English (6)

Dress Code

Whilst we do not have a school uniform at High Storrs, we do have an expectation that students attend appropriately dressed for work and learning. Please support us by helping to re-enforce some key elements of the dress code with your children:

· Shorts and skirts must be at least mid-thigh length.

· Tight leggings are only permissible if covered by shorts, tops or skirts to mid-thigh.

· Underwear not to be on display – including boys’ visible above trousers or girls’ bra straps.

· Vests and strappy tops are not appropriate.

· No bare midriffs.

· No slogans on clothing.

· No loose sandals or flip-flops.

· Facial piercings are not allowed (except 1 discreet nose stud).

· No large (particularly hoop) earrings.

Some of these restrictions are about appropriateness and others are based on health and safety requirements within a school setting.

Students found to be wearing inappropriate clothing may be asked to modify for the future, given additional clothing to cover up or sent home to change. Persistent failure to comply with this policy may result in more serious sanctions.

We appreciate your support with this as it will enable us to continue with our main priority which is the learning of each student attending the school.

You can view the official Dress Code policy here.

PE Kit – We have a new PE Kit supplier. Their website is www.branded-uniform.com

Many thanks for your consideration in regard to this matter.

Mrs Judith Vaughan
Deputy Head